Do you know what my dog did??

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lil-star Posts: 3149
He went and peed in the inlaws present bag.. he peed against it and then filled it with wee I cant believe it!! and when mil went to try her necklace on she said Ill just leave it til it dries!!! MORTO :eek
Milly83 Posts: 3620
hahahahahaha You remind me a little of Bridget Jones. She has the worst Misfortune and I think you do too!!!!! :o0 :wv
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Sorry but :o0 :o0 :o0
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
:ooh Oh dear..... :o0
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Your little angel just felt the tension and decided to pay her back!!!!! Sorry but couldn't resist!! :o0
lil-star Posts: 3149
He pooed somewhere in the house too but i couldnt find it!! nice little suprise in easter!