doc said my baby is 'bigger than average'

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Rubee Posts: 483
Anyone else been told the same? I'm 31 weeks and I don't feel or look particularly humungous (I think so anyway) but Doc said its a bigger than normal baby. Just wondered was anyone else told this and was it true in the end. I'm a bit stressed as we're trying to move into a delapidated house so could have done without that news yesterday:) I can't believe it's only 9 weeks away. I haven't bought a thing as I've been tied up with the bloody house. When should I have my bag packed? Starting ante natal classes tomorrow so hopefully that will help the nerves
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya They told me this at scan too- TBH I think they can get it wrong sometimes- as long as you're feeling good and bubs is healthy sure that's the main thing. It would be worse is bubs was measuring smaller- you'll be fine, As regards the bag I'd start getting things together now and have them ready to go- I don't know about you but as every week goes by things are getting harder to do and you certainly don't want to leave it to DH to get all your things for the bag, best of luck and try not to worry, xx b
charli Posts: 5994
hiya, did they tell you what size your baby is measuring? i had 31 week scan too and was told baby was "a fine size" s/he measured at 4lbs8oz :ooh - i asked was this too big/something to be concerned with and she said no just that babs would be bigger than my first (7lbs) and may be 8lbs - 8 lbs 8oz - so thats not too bad i suppose. she wasnt concerned so i wont be either though i did get a bit of a shock as i had imagined it was somewhere around 3-3.5lbs at the mo re the bag start picking up bits now - i havent all that much ready but i have my bag in my bedroom and have picked up a few bits - so far i have 2 pairs of pjs and slippers, kinicks, baby-gros and vests for babs and thats it. this weekend i might get toiletries etc
Rubee Posts: 483
Thanks a mill girls K