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NittyGritty Posts: 1605
...where I could watch live streaming of Moto GP? Granted ladies, the spam situation has gotten out of control this weekend. So much so that a lot of you have jumped ship and wandered over to Mrs2be. But, while I understand that the camel's back has been broken in 7 places for most of you, I don't think I'll be heading to the happy-clappy world of Mrs2be anytime soon. The beauty and ironically the problem with WOL, is the lack of stringent moderation. Normally, we're like a house full of kids with the adults in another room. We can shout at them if we need something and they'll break us up when the pigtail pulling gets out of hand. Unless Jeremy Kyle is on, then, we might have to wait a while until the results of the DNA test is back. But they will get to us eventually. This weekend, however, our guardians have left us home alone, while they've [email protected] off for the weekend, leaving no contact number or even a few quid for pizza. So some of you have moved next door to the Missie Household. Life over there could not be more different. The adults are in the room with you at all times. Supervised play is the only play tolerated. The first sign of language (Timothy), you'll make the other Missies cry and be promptly put on the naughty step. I don't imagine the more forceful (interesting) debates will be tolerated over there. It seems to be very much wedding/bride to be driven (weird, huh?), so for that alone, I am the square peg in their round, fluffy hole. So, for me, I'm sticking with WOL. For better for worse, in sickness and in health. Here's hoping Admin will get the doctor in when they get back from their dirty weekend in Bundoran and normal cattiness will be resumed in due course. Until then, I'm off to find me some live streaming. Image
OrTees Posts: 907
Well said NittyGritty (insert 'high five' smilie available on mrs2be!). I did log on over there but it is a very slow moving forum with little debate and as you said very much geared towards weddings/b2b only. It is highly moderated which can be a plus but also makes it a bit dull. It's biggest asset is the variety of smilies available which in all fairness, whilst being fun, is hardly the reason to stay!! I do hope that WOL gets sorted out soon and that they can up their game on the IT front where they are seriously lacking.
trance Posts: 3129
Have to agree NG, I joined over there out of frustration with WOL yesterday but it's fairly quiet and very pleasant and nice, not a contentious topic to be found PLUS there's no Furry Friends or Pet Section, I mean for the love of all that's great and good, I need to talk about my pets!!! I guess today is out as WOL admin don't appear to work weekends, hoping it will be sorted tomorrow. ETA they do have quite an exciting selection of smilies it can't be denied
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I presume the spam problem will be sorted out come tomorrow? I think the site should be shut and the problem dealt with comprehensively by introducing capcha or whatever to make registration more spam resistant. I think this must a temporary, albeit highly annoying and frustrating, issue. Maybe it will prove to be the kick up the behind admin have needed for a while. Took a gander to but not sure its for me.
OrTees Posts: 907
[quote="Busbybabe":gv4b50d9] Now I'm off to bring in my washing before it rains! [img:gv4b50d9][/img:gv4b50d9][/quote:gv4b50d9] Love it Busbybabe :o0 .
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
Joined it yesterday. Not a big fan of it to be honest. WOL is way better. hoping the spammers are sorted soon though and a new system is put in place to stop it happening as it would put me off a little. The weekends should be monitored as it is probably then that WOL has the most viewers yet it seems to be the weekend that the bad bad spammers appear which is crap.
peachesbride Posts: 110
Surely one of the suppliers who pay to advertise on this site could ring someone about the level of spam? If I was paying for an ad on this site I would be hopping mad!?!?
kuasalogam Posts: 2
I think the site should be shut and the problem dealt with comprehensively by introducing capcha or whatever to make registration more spam resistant.[img:13eoutkv][/img:13eoutkv]
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I hardly used WOL for my wedding but it has kept me sane through months of ttc over the years and then the highs and lows of motherhood so I don't want to give it up yet either :o(
trance Posts: 3129
[quote="kuasalogam":2njchikj]I think the site should be shut and the problem dealt with comprehensively by introducing capcha or whatever to make registration more spam resistant.[img:2njchikj][/img:2njchikj][/quote:2njchikj] [size=200:2njchikj][/size:2njchikj] F UCK OFF!!!!!