Dress made?? Am I mad??

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newshound Posts: 288
Right. I've searched and hunted and tried on and taken off. Everywhere!! I've narrowed it down to two very different dresses and I love different things about them. Now pondering getting one made to incorporate features of the two dresses. Has anyone done this? Or do you know of good dressmakers? I'd love some recommendations because I don't know of any reputable wedding dressmakers. It's not something you'd want to take a chance on!
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
Hey, not sure if you saw "Don't tell the bride" a couple of weeks ago, but the groom actually went and got the dress made for his bride, it was in Dublin somewhere, heres the episode: http://www.rte.ie/player/#!v=1136336 another option is to post up the pics of the dresses that you like and and what you like about each, the wollies on here generally have been exposed to high volumes of wedding related info and someone may have come across the very look your going for.
anniemai Posts: 91
I was in the exact same boat as you. I wanted the top from one, the back from another and the material from another Edel Tuite in Drogehda has made my dreams come true. Best of luck with it!! :) :)
highbeam Posts: 2578
A friend also wanted a combination of two dresses and decided to go down the road of getting it made. She also went to edel tuite in Drogheda and got exactly what she wanted. Her dress was fab.
miss may b Posts: 528
I met with Sarah Foy in Clontarf when I was dress shopping & found her excellent, I ended up buying my dress in the end but I found Sarah fantastic to deal with & she had great ideas!
2013bride13 Posts: 424
I too went to Edel Tuite and have changed bits of one for the other!!!! She is brilliant
newshound Posts: 288
Thanks girls!! I'd love to post the dresses here but I know people here and it would ruin the surprise etc etc! I'll check those dressmakers out. I want the top of one, and the bottom of the other! Just a bit worried that it wouldn't turn out as I imagined it. Thanks for jogging my memory about Don't Tell the Bride. I remember watching it thinking that it wouldn't be to my taste but that it was done really well. You ladies are my fountain of knowledge! :xxx