Dublin parking and then heading North

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Orion Posts: 49
2 Questions: I know there's been a few threads on shopping in the North (Newry etc) but my Q is how to AVOID this traffic congestion. I will need to travel from Dublin to Belfast on a Friday soon, do I have to go past this awful congestion? ALSO: Parking in Dublin....crazy or OK? I don't know Dublin at all, will be happy to park outside of the city (coming from Sligo) and Luas/Dart/Bus in but [b:11ep2tr6]where[/b:11ep2tr6] will I park for the day? Advice gratefully received. Thanks :thnk
daboy Posts: 229
The congestion is at the roundabout at Cloghogue there on the Dundalk road at Newry with all the southerners trying to get to the shops in newry. You just need to avoid that roundabout (i.e. come off the road at Dundalk or shortly after) you can take a nice trip through south armagh (via Forkhill / Camlough) and try and catch the Road to Belfast just north of Newry. If you look at where the blue line ends on google maps, then you know where to avoid. Only thing is whether the whole country wil be doing the same?? if you want a really stress free drive then head to monaghan and then to Belfast via armagh. Road is perfect for making time on apart from a little stretch around the border that has some bends but thats only 5 /6 miles.