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silíní Posts: 4219
One of my best friends is a GP and i asked her about this when i was pregnant, i have dark brown hair and put dye in as i have some grey. She said DEFINITELY NOT for brown/black dyes. If there isn't enough research that means you should err on the side of caution. I didnt use any when pregnant or BF, it KILLED me!!!! As soon as i stopped BF the very first place I ran was to the hairdresser!!
Crostini Posts: 1105
well i spoke to the owner of the salon. he said to wait another month at a minimum and then to get highlights or lowlights but to ensure that none of the dye gets near your scalp and to ensure you let the colourist know that you are expecting.
Joleigh Posts: 4242
For anyone who is interested, I asked a few hairdressers about colouring hair while pregant and they all said it was fine. I reached the 12 week mark and hadnt had my hair done in almost 3 months & my roots were disgraceful! So I used a herbal colour with no amonia that washes out in 6 weeks approx and my hair looks much better and healthier too. I read the whole box and it had no warnings about using while pregnant. Felt much better afterwards too :o0
silíní Posts: 4219
I'd be careful about taking the word of a hairdresser for any medical questions. I think you are safer to ask a medical professional such as your GP etc and make your decision then. A hairdresser is not qualified to give advice about what is safe in pregnancy I think. S
missust Posts: 370
i agree. i'd prefer to go with the advice of a medical professional over a hairdresser! in saying that i'm going tomorrow to get colour and highlights. have waited months and can put up with it no longer. feel fat and ugly today. will give me the lift i need. my gp said its fine...however he is veeerrrrry laid back about everything.
silíní Posts: 4219
[quote:1p8q4948]feel fat and ugly today. will give me the lift i need. [/quote:1p8q4948] Nothing like a hairdo to help you feel better when pregnant!! I always thought pregnant women looked great, healthy and sexy. I thought i'd feel like that, instead i felt c r a p most of the time!!!! A haircut really helps, or a pedicure!
babybuzz Posts: 474
i know my sister asked her ob (i dont really die my hair) and he said definately yes no problem just to try and have a window open near you so your not breathing in the fumes. she dyed her hair every 5 weeks on all her 3 children and there all perfect.
medea49 Posts: 324
My sister is an obstetrician and has delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies... she says it's fine, and that's what I'm going with!
silíní Posts: 4219
That's great to hear from someone qualified medea!
medea49 Posts: 324
By the way, my sister referred me to this site which answers lots of questions about exposures during pregnancy: It's connected with the University of California San Diego's research programme on pregnancy risk, so it's solid information with scientific bases. In case anyone had further worries about hair dye, caffeine, etc.