early bumps/maternity clothes/formal dresses

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bree Posts: 1880
ok, well this might sound mad but i have a baby bump already - whats that about? its probably just bloatedness but theres no hiding it .. my mam says its cos i was still very much stretched from DD. Anyway .. my jeans wont tie which im not too bothered about as have others from when after DD was born& i dont really care about wearing maternity gear early as long as it looks ok.. but theres the thing... i have a wedding in a month & looked like a beached whale formal wear i have ( have one nice dress from last Pg but people have seen it ) ..anyway , where will i get something nice that doesnt cost a fortune?? have seen the next dress which looks lovely... the tauts of people asking 'have far along are u?' & me saying 'just 13wks' is awful... ! wish could have tiny petite frame&bump!
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Bree, Id say its definitely due to having your DD - this is my first and at 11 weeks I had a bump so I can empathize! Have you thought about buying a maxi-dress or a style of dress that isnt clinging - they are all in now. Some like the Zoe ruffle dress here: http://www.coast-stores.com/fcp/categor ... lters=true it doesnt show any waist? Or something with an empire line that comes in under the bust? Perhaps: http://www.coast-stores.com/fcp/product ... 2224618998 There is a top version of that that would go well with black trousers. People know you've had a baby and hopefully will assume its post baby bump (soon to go) as oppose to pre baby bump (soon to get bigger). What a lovely secret for you and your DH :wv I hope youve a lovely time and ignore the silly wans that say anything. love swiss
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
That's how I feel.. Luky enough I have nthing coming up right now but I'm only 7 weeks and my jeans are tight?! Like you Bree I have not got a small petite frame but people are going to start to notice or else just start thinking I'm drinking more beer :o0 :o0 I like SG idea of wearing the flowy dresses, it would probably help avoid the questions as in those dresses people can't be sure.
bree Posts: 1880
ah thanks swiss.. the 2nd dress is lovely, must have a look in coast during the wk.. well DH seems to have told everyone now :eek so god knows after a few pints he'l probably be introducing me as 'preggers'