early signs of labour???l

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Mrs Mac2be Posts: 571
Evening girls can you all please give me your stories of what happened ye in the very early stages??? Im now at the last three to four weeks and Im at the not sleeping at night time AT ALL and getting up to potter about :o(
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Hi there, I was restless all the way through to be honest, and was particularly fussy about the house in the week or two beforehand, but the night before labour started, I felt sick going to bed, and each time I got up to go to the loo during the night I just felt 'weird', can't describe it any better than that. Woke at 5.30 with cramps and a show, and there was no doubt in my mind at that stage that things were starting.. Best of luck!!
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
From about 30 weeks I was up and down to the loo about 3 times a night - then about a week or two before I was due I was having great nights sleep. I was only up the odd night. Also the night before I went to hospital I was in really strange form - kinda feeling a bit overwhelmed with being pregnant and just wanted to sit in a quiet corner of the couch and not really talk to anyone. My DH said to me that he thought I was nearing the finish line as I was looking a little apprehensive and edgy - said I was flittin about the house doing nothing but looking busy (if that makes sense!) Must have been some last minute nesting! I slept great that night and woke as normal the next morning at about 8am and when I went to the loo I had a bloody show. I was so excited that I dashed back into the bedroom and started pulling at my DH to get out of bed. I had a shower and brekkie and then called Holles st and they told me to come on in incase it was a bleed or something. They examined me and I was in early labour so was kept in and lo and behold DS was born the next morning.
boobies Posts: 1625
I woke on the thurday morning at 5am to go to the loo and my pants were wet (tmi, sorry) I went to the loo and I had a show. Went to clinic for my appointment that morning (brought my bag just in case) and they kept me. Nothing really started to happen until the Friday evening and babs born on Saturday afternoon.
Mrs Mac2be Posts: 571
Thanks for the replies girls. Quick one for ye did any of you go early or were ya on time :wv
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
I went the day after I was due!
Mrs J Posts: 387
I found I had lots of energy in the last few weeks though still didn't bother too much with the nesting - I just did lots of lunches with people I hadn't seen in a while (though in the last couple of weeks, no one wanted to know me in case I went early in their company!). I had two shows - one at week 37 and another at week 38. No other real signs but when I was going to bed the night my waters broke, I felt like I was getting the flu and I just felt 'odd'. I had felt pressure in the pelvic area for the last couple of days which I put down to babs getting a bit heavier and just moving down. (DD was born 4 days before due date.)