Ectopic scare

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WhathaveIgottenmyselfinto Posts: 157
Hi - went to the doctor yesterday and ended up in hospital being checked for an ectopic (had a sharp pain in my side and spotting). Have to go back on Thurs for blood tests to see if my HCG levels are doubling correctly. They gave me a vaginal probe to scan the uterus. They could find nothing - it could be too early as I might be earlier than I think because of long irregular periods but still - it wasnt very reassuring :o( Has anyone else had this done? My uterus is sore today after it - is this normal?
River Posts: 845
Oh dear, you poor thing. I had that done but not for the same reason. I don't remember any particular discomfort afterwards. If you're worried maybe give the Dr or Nurse a call and see what they say. I hope everything works out for you.
pattie Posts: 2379
I had sharp pains at the same stage but had a regular ultrasound. The pains lasted a few days so that could be what you're feeling? Are they calling you back for another look next week?
WhathaveIgottenmyselfinto Posts: 157
I'm going back on Thurs for more bloods. The pain is there the whole time although it comes and goes. The only thing is - I'm pretty sure it was there before I got pregnant but I'm starting to doubt myself now. It basically depends on my mood whether I feel it is ectopic or not. I was convinced last night that it was a lot of fuss over nothing. This morning though I'm not so sure, had heavier spotting and my uterus is killing me, lots of cramps and pains.
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
A friend of mine had this scare but everything was ok when they scanned her. When she went back for her 12 week scan they found a cyst but she's fine and cyst hasn't grown. Best of luck pet :xxx
pattie Posts: 2379
That kind of pain is so confusing. Best of luck with your bloods on Thursday. It's not unusual to get bad stretching pains in the first trimester, a friend of mine had the same and was grand too.
Barbalou Posts: 1617
what try and stay positive, at this stage the doctors can only guess what's happening it's frustrating! Hope everything works out for you
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
I had a scare around the same time, although I was CONVIENCED it was an Ectopic I have dreadful pains in my right side that I couldn’t even stand……it worked out to be my uterus stretching as the pregnancy sac was in the right place. Try not to worry :action32
WhathaveIgottenmyselfinto Posts: 157
Thanks girls. Suppose I will just have to wait and see. It would have been so nice to see something in the womb when she scanned but I suppose it could be that it is just too early.
fantac Posts: 4109
hiya - dont fret - lots of folk have similar scares and 99% of the time its all fine. i had teh same, stabbing pain and brown spotting from 5 weeks, we were on hol on a boat so couldnt get to shore or a doc, but i had my GP on the mobile a lot (roaming phone bill horrendous!!). he kept telling us to relax and enjoy the hol, which we actually did manage to do very well. i had a scan at 6+4 when we got home which meant baba was just old enough to show a heartbeat and everything was a-ok. try not to stress - i know its hard, but chances are everything will be 100% -think positive!