Elective section on first baby - experiences?

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kk2011 Posts: 67
Hi All, Firstly congrats to everyone who is currently pregnant (and well wishes to those of us who are hoping!) Does anyone have any experience of requesting an elective section on their first baby? I have done my research and I am very much of the opinion that a planned section is the type of birth I can handle. Has anyone else been in this situation, how have you handled it with the consultants etc? I am going fully private. Any advice or experiences gratefully received (please note I am not looking for judgement or to be convinced that it's not what I want)
Luka Posts: 1904
Well I had a section as my DS was transverse. He just wouldn't turn so I was prepared for a section from about 35 weeks. Having said that, if he had turned I think I would still have been looking for a section as I was mentally prepared for that & not for a natural birth. I imagine as you're going fully private, there wouldn't be any huge issue about having a section, especially if you are very nervous about a natural birth. ON the section itself, the recovery time IS slower, & take the painkillers!! Also, I was able to get back driving after 3 weeks, as my GP okayed the scar & Zurich were fine with that as long as GP was fine about it, didn't need a letter or anything! NOw the section itself is no picnic, I was very nauseous on the table & battling to not throw up, but that may not be the for everyone. But it was so well managed & DS was our within 5 minutes of the epidural test (they spray water on your legs to see if you can feel it to make sure you are numb). As my section was late at night I only got to see DS for 5 mins & he was brought to me again the next morning around 11. If I hadto choose again, it'd definitely be a section, I don't mind the scar, it's a sign I brought life into the world. Anymore questions, just ask!
CherylC Posts: 1071
It is difficult to just ask for a section without a medical reason. An elective section is done for medical reasons not by choice eg. I had an elective section as my baby was breech. Most consultants will not agree to one just for personal preferences whether private or public. However, I believe some consultants in mount Carmel might be open to discussing it. Sorry not to be more positive for you. (i know you dont want to hear it But just to add that I much preferred my natural birth to my section, so you'll be fine either way. )
mymission Posts: 319
Hi KK2011, I feel the same way that you do about an elective section. I'm thinking of going private too and I really hope it won;t be a problem. My ideal senario would be that i know that tuesday at 10.30 I'm booked in to have a section and bring my baby into the world. Let us know how you get on, and best of luck to you xx
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
Ok so ill give u my experience. I had a section coz my baby was breech I was booked in 1st thing in the morning. Was v exciting driving to hospital with hubby. Got checked in and gowned up. All preped then we walked down to surgery together. Everyone was so nice asking was this 1st baby did we know if it was boy or girl ect. We didn't know which made it exciting during surgery. I was nervous and shaking a little but everyone was so nice and did their best to distract me from what was going on around me. They done the ice test then hubby was beside me in his scrubs (he was ragin they were burgundy and not blue :o0 ) I was warned about the tugging part and I said to Dh it's close now then someone walked near to the bed and asked. So what do we think its gonna be?? We were both saying boy. The 2 secs later my baby was whipped from behind the screen and legs pulled apart and she said. It's a girl!! She was put to my cheek then brought round with her daddy to get her nappy on the secs later brought round to me and put down my gown for skin to skin We sat like that for about 10 mins then she was givin back to dh and my drugs were boosted to get me stiches up. About 10 mins later ( in my drug dazed world !) I was wheeled into recovery were my dh and baby came into mr and I breast fed her We stayed in recovery for about an hr together then back up to our ward I was v lucky to get the time together in recovery. I was in the rotunda and I was told they will try their best depending on circumstances but was I was 1st in that morning I had a better chance as it wasn't busy. So ask for the v 1st app!! Haven't decided if ill go for another section this time as I'm worried about the recovery looking after a 17 mth old!! But I feel like I didn't miss out on anything having section last time my birth experience couldn't have been nicer for me Best of luck x
nelswife Posts: 3869
[quote="CherylC":30djswqv]It is difficult to just ask for a section without a medical reason. An elective section is done for medical reasons not by choice eg. I had an elective section as my baby was breech. Most consultants will not agree to one just for personal preferences whether private or public. However, I believe some consultants in mount Carmel might be open to discussing it. [/quote:30djswqv] Even in mount Carmel you cant just ask for an elective section!, I had my first baby there, I had to have an emergency section under GA there, I am going there to the same consultant that delivered my first baby, he had all my records and knew what happened to us the first time around. He was pushing me for a VBAC, i was adament that i wanted a section this time around, he is still unsure, i have put my foot down and told him that in no uncertain terms that i wasnt going though what i went through the first time round! It was a struggle for him to agree to to one!
Luka Posts: 1904
Well I suppose it varies between hospitals - I went to KGH. Having said that - mine wasn't "elective" in the sense that, I was admitted on the 28th of April & was to have a section around May 5th, but got pains on the sunday evening around 7 & the head clinician was on & he & the nurse spoke over me & he examined my bump & sadi "deliver her tonight"! So as it wasn't an emergency -far from it- I still only had 2 hours notice as it was brought 5 days ahead. I was told If I get pregnant again that it'll be another section - as you can't be induced after a section on your next pregnancy. I also imagine dublin's hospital are far busier & of course want natural births, even in KGH there's an average of 6 sections a day. They took my history into consideration as well. Not sure how far along you are - & if you are going private, then you will be paying your gynae alot of money on top of paying your private health ins, so the least he/she could do is listen to your wishes.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi there kk2011 Im in the very same boat as you regarding a first baby and elective section. I put up a post a few weeks ago and like you I got a lot of advice telling me not to go for a section etc, and I was feeling under pressure to change my decision. I still dont have my mind made up. My consultant said its my body and my decision and she will give me a section if thats what I want and she will go through my options closer to the time with me. I do think there are pros for both natural and c section and Im scared of a c section but more scared of natural birth, pm me if you want a chat we can compare notes xx best of luck with your decision what hospital are you attending? Luka is KGH Kerry General Hospital?
black pearl Posts: 3513
im much the same as scissorsgirl was in rotunda and dad and baby were in recovery with me, as I was first in. I was petrified of the section as I was adament i wouldnt have one but dd was breech, now i am praying they will let me have another section, the consulatant said after i could ask for one 2nd tiem round, however doc told me if there are 2 years between 1st and 2nd baba they are reluctant to give you the section, i will be pulling the whole tears act, when i get in there as there is no way I want anything other than a section, the recovery is different for everyone, i was out shopping 6 days after giving birth, no hassle still had a little pain but nothing you cannot handle. let us know how you get on ps i was public btw not sure if being private you can just pick or not xx
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
hey blackpearl so glad you got your bfp! xx