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PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Hi Girls, Thought I'd share my little discovery. Very cheap makeup. Their basic range is £1.50 and the Studio line is £3.50 Their primers are great (a little dearer). Shipping to Ireland is 3.95 flat rate but if you join their face book you can get loads of discounts. At the moment shipping is free with the code ELF55EU I've ordered loads of stuff and its only come to £20. They get great reviews on (who are quite honest cos they slate some of their products too). At £1.50 you can't go wrong! Happy Shopping
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
Joined their Facebook group last week PrettyWoman, trying to hold out until I actually need more make up before I buy (It is like a branch of Boots in my house, I swear!) Thanks for the discount code though!