English shops ripping of Euro consumers

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jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
aaarrrgggghhhhhh!!! So annoying how english shops are continuing to rip off their eurozone customers. I bought a skirt in monsoon at the weekend for €78 and just saw it Monsoons online shops for £50, which using todays conversion rate equals €57.41. >:o( Price of rip off: €20.59. How annoying is that?!?!?!? O:|
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
Wow that's a huge difference!!! You should be allowed pay by laser and choose the currency you want to use like they do when you shop in Newry
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
It's not only the shops that are doing it. Listening to radio this evening there was some launch event on somewhere in Dublin city and the photographer they got in to do the shoot charged about 4x what other countries have paid for the same thing - so it seems to be game to just over charge us Irish (as we're all seen to be fools O:| )- the only way to stop it is to stop buying in the shops down here........
mrswhits Posts: 277
I hear you! I saw dresses on Debenhams website that I wanted to try for bridesmaids, price £85 on the website. Rang to order them, they only deliver to ROI what's in stock in their Dublin & Cork stores and the dresses weren't in stock - subsequently found out they were €135 here! Since then I ordered them online (reduced to £68 during the 25% off Spectacular in Sept.) and got them delivered to Newry and FH aunt lives nearby, went to collect them, she passed them to us. Worked out at €85 per dress. Unreal difference. I was so annoyed that I couldn't just order direct to my local store from the UK warehouse, obviously the price difference is too big to allow that.
AuntieD Posts: 760
There's another thread somewhere else I think in OT about this and Ive really noticed since I moved to the UK how bad it is. I saw a dress in Monsoon that was £180 or €280!!! converted it equates to about €230!!!Another in Debenhams was £55 but €78....converterd it's €63!!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Well if those morons in Government lowered prices here, instead of hiking them up, we wouldn't be going up to Newry/Belfast in our droves - especially in the weeks before Christmas. There was one of those supplements in the papers recently with prices for stuff in Tescos/Dunnes. A guy in work said that a tin of Roses/Heroes was reduced to something like €7.99 from about €12.99. He was up North a few weeks ago and said that in Sainsbury the same tins were 2 for 1.....for £7!! It bugs the hell out of me when you pick up an item, thinking it within your price range, only to realise that you had looked at the sterling price, rather than the euro price. Why do they always put the sterling first on the tag when it's being sold in a eurozone? Yes they're from an English company, but it's being sold in Ireland, so why not put the euro first - or only, on the tag! O:|
Daisy Day Posts: 376
Went looking at boots in M&S last night as had been looking them up on their website - £85 in UK, €115 here! I know they set their prices a while back when the exchange rate mightn't have been as good for us as it is now but for feic's sake like, €115 today converts to about £101! You can't tell me the exchange rate has changed the price to the tune of £16 in the past couple of months! In general though I was in the shops last night and could not get over the price of clothes still. I was just looking for ordinary cotton tops/t-shirts to layer up for the winter and a plain t-shirt was coming in at €19, another top (again v plain) was €25. i'm sorry like but it's not like you're paying for amazing quality or nice detail. Anything with a bit of detail was over 40 quid! Was totally raging coming home (bought nothing and I've no flaming clothes for winter :o( )
veryv Posts: 970
I've been going up to Newry for the past two years especially around christmas time. One year we did our grocery shopping in Sainsbury's, when we came home I went onto Tesco website and did up a shopping list of everything we bought. When we did the conversion we had saved nearly 200euros!!! :eek It's disgraceful what we pay in the Republic for the same stuff that's half price up North. I'd love to be supporting our shops down her around Christmas but I resent being ripped off!!
Twirl Posts: 5598
This is going on for so many years. I really try and support the local shops and especially irish shops to keep the jobs but sometimes it can be hard when you know its cheaper somewhere else and the service is ten times better too. I dont go up north often but when i do we go to sainsburys which is one of the dearest up there, but i do love it. If you go a bit further in from Newry the sainsburys is cheaper ( we went their last year and saved on some stuff, even bottles of water are cheaper! Have you noticed girls that tesco prices are all back to what they were, so much for " change for good "
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Based in the UK and I'm always disgusted at the price differences between Sterling and Euro. I try not to buy from UK shops when I'm home. I discovered recently that Banana Republic prices their stock at almost the same in Euro and Sterling. Probably because they are an American company but I was really surprised to see how close the prices were, some items were evne cheaper in Euro than in Sterling. Made a very refreshing change.