ER last night

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Dub gal Posts: 382
Girls why do tv programmes have to be so graphic. I really think that last night ER was a bit much. There was a labour scene that just should not have been shown. I don't want to describe it cause it actually left me shaking so don't want to upset anyone else. I was so upset after it. I really think there's no need for this sort of thing to be shown.
Salander Posts: 1639
missed it and from the sounds of it - im really glad! they always show worst case scenarios and make them really gory - now im pg i am much more aware of it. hope you are feeling a bit better. :thnk
jill80 Posts: 565
Saw it, went to change it when I realised what was happening but couldnt find remote in time. But then I just told myself its not real and they had to make it as o.t.t as possible - still not pleasant to watch at all.
kazz Posts: 143
It was so disgusting and way ott pure rotten and then carter turning around to the hubby when his wifes uterus had just been shoved back in literally and he says you can use that phone to arrange pick up for the kids!!!!
aston Posts: 4100
Agree thought it was way over the top. I knew what was coming so I looked down at my mag while hubby stared with mouth open and said did you see that Aston? So annoying that they feel they have to portray it this way... makes me mad O:|
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
ah tv programmes are always exaggerated. i remember when i was pg on my dd, there was labour scenes in eastenders and they were horrendus. it sent me into a panic... labour in real life is nothing like it. dont worry x
candyfloss Posts: 704
I'm so curious now to see what happened, but sounds like it would freak me out more than I am already. Dont worry, ER is always over the top for the shock factor.
Dill Posts: 1640
I was completely freaked out watching it... was in tears from watching the whole labour thing as it was (blame the hormones!) and then the end bit! Didnt even know that was possible... something else to worry about now! Was definitely a bit over the top....
candyfloss Posts: 704
Oh please someone please tell me what happened?? I'm going to be imagining all sorts!! Actually no dont tell me, I'm b ad enough as it is.
piripiri Posts: 165
Brill final show though!! cant believe it's all over. Lovely to see dr benton etc back!!