exercises for toning arms?

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clumsybride Posts: 245
Hi girls, I am wearing a strapless dress and need to desperately get my arms toned and get rid of the bat wings. Anyone have any ideas/ excercises/magic potions that would help? c
halo Posts: 1406
If you pick up a set of weights, these are great for toning arms up. Get 2 small dumbbells, (or tins of peas or bags of sugar if you don't want to buy weights) and use these, curl your arms up from the elbow to reach up to your shoulder, with your arms in front of you, and do about 20 reps with each arm. Hold them out from your body so your arms are in a straight line, and with handsfacing down,lift your arms up to the level of your shoulder and backdown, about 20reps again. Or you could use a chair - sit on it, then move forward and place your hands on the edge of the seat, then loweryour body down and back up, using your arms to do this, IYKWIM. See, full of the theory of how to tone arms, but are mine toned? I think not! :(
Alias Posts: 214
PUSHUPS! Start on your knees and work your way up :)
pyrmont Posts: 16
If you combine the following you should have fab arms: Push ups (everyday) - on your knees keeping you back straight as if there are a tray of drinks been placed there. Increase the number every week Boxing - if you can, great for arms, chest and your back. Swimming - good for overall upper body work out Jogging - the best excercise to tone up everything even the arms. I started boxing 3 months ago and its the best for toning those arms..those bat wings won't be long flying away!!!! Try and enjoy whatever you do.
Jelly Posts: 174
apparently Jennifer Anderson holds her arms out parrell to the ground and do little circles reversing the direction every 20 circles or so, I tried this before and you can really feel it building up your musles but it is like everything else you have to keep it up to be effective, which of course I didnt!
MrsVegas Posts: 414
Sit with your knees bent and your arms bent behind you with your hands facing front. Bend your elbows further (leaning back and forth). This will tone the back of your arms. Got this from Rosemary Connolly's exercise video. Its quite good. I noticed a difference after 6 weeks. You do 20 mins 3 times per week. Good luck
AprBride Posts: 386
bodypump is brilliant for toning your arms and across your chest and you could do these at home. get some weights they don't have to be too heavy its the repetition that actually burns the flab. Lie on your back and start with your arms in the air directly above your bust keep your elbows as close to your body as possible and bending your elbows bring the weights down to your temples try and imagine an elastic band is hold your elbows close together honestly it does work. To work the biceps again lie on the floor, starting position open your arms wide bent at the elbow with your fists pointing towards the ceiling the elbow touching the floor in line with your sholders so they're in an L shape. now keeping your arms wide straighten them up towards the ceiling keeping them wide. (yes of course I do it every day - in my head)
jamie Posts: 96
Another vote for bodypump! It's the first time in long but rather flakey gym going life that I've actually noticed real improvements in my muscle tone, especially arms, but also all over. I think it's the discipline of the class environment, the music and the general buzz of getting stronger that's made me stick at it for the last few months. Lots done, more to do.
I Do Posts: 102
What is a bodypump?
Astra Posts: 1409
Swimming helps too. I find the breast stroke the best. Agree with Aud137 on the tricep dips too. Absolute killers but they work.