exhausted - normal?

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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi girls I am finding things much harder the last few days - just wrecked!!!!!!!!! Body clock seems a bit all over the place. Wake alot in night, wrecked all day and then energy in the evening! Sitting in work now and honestly struggling to keep my eyes open. Yawning non stop and finding the shortness of breath (baby very high) wrecks me. Is this normal at this stage. I am on iron already. I think cos I never had much sickness I kind of just carried on as normal the whole way through not adjusting lifestyle and now finding it tough going. 5 more weeks at work and it is mad busy!!! HELP!!!! :eek
mariac Posts: 982
chloe - thats the third trimester for you. the baby has a spurt of growth and it takes its toll on you. why dont you take a week out sick - and relax. might do you the world of good