Fake Tan That Won't Rub Off

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discobaby Posts: 106
Hi There, I am very pale skinned and I really don't want to use a fake tan that will leave horrible brown marks on my wedding dress. Can anyone suggest a brand that you can get done in a salon that will not come off on to the dress it's a big concern of mine :oops: Thanks
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
I'd love to know too - anyone any ideas? Thanks
queeny Posts: 117
I'm sorry to say girls i don't think theres such a thing! Most fake tans will come off on you clothes to a certain extent. However, i got a spray tan done for my wedding Sun FX and i got it done two days before the wedding instead of one day and hardly any of it came off on my dress or underwear so this might be an option. Or theres always sunbeds although i would NEVER advise anyone to use them.