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thepetals Posts: 532
Fat is brilliant - I have over €80 in my account cash-back for the last year - and the best part is your buying the stuff anyway but your getting money back with no hassle... Love it!!! Meteor give €15 back if your buying a mobile - o2 and Vodafone have similar offers... Book Depository gives cash back and its free shipping to anywhere... books are cheap as well so that helps. Debenhams - go in and look in store and then come home and get it for cheaper online as you are getting 4% back... Hotels/Holidays - ah I could go on for ever! We had a thread on here a while back where wolies who were going to join up each used the referral from the user before - that way everyone got a €1 referral fee into there account.. My link is [url:1elmvjz6][/url:1elmvjz6] if anyone is interested in starting the chain up again... P :heartbeat:
thepetals Posts: 532
Thanks Miamiladyde... Make sure to post your referral link up now so the next wolie can use it and so on... x :thnk