Fathers Day poem/Daddy to be verse

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Rattles Posts: 201
Girls, There was a poem on here for Fathers Day for Daddys to be from the baby, i seen it just the other day and thought i bookmarked it :duh: Cant for the life of me find it and want it for tomorrow.... Its not the one in the 'how did you tell thread'... Help anyone, please?!!! :thnk
Asics Posts: 1935
Just copied ths off Magicmum website not sure if its the one you have already seen Father's Day's a world-wide holiday And it's coming up soon I thought I should get in nice and early So I sent this from the womb. You made me who I am today Or, at least, who I'll soon be But that's by far the nicest thing Anyone's ever done for me. Though they say pregnancy is tough It's the most fun I've every had But I'm looking forward to meeting you Have a nice Father's Day, Dad. See you soon!
annonTTCer Posts: 532
thats so sweet!