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she Posts: 3298
we got an apartment over a year ago and since then the mil has been saying "oh im going give you a few bob for the house, ive giving it to the rest of the brothers/sister, and every one gets the same...... just found out she bought us a FU*kING lamp........ Now before anyone goes jumping down my neck, she bought the sister her leather suite, tv and video, stand(they have 3 houses)...........she bought the brother near enough the same,,,,,,and the others as well...... im sick of her shes sooooooo spitefull at times and i swear she does it purposely to get a reaction from me........ and i know its to do with the wedding, the dirty looks and remarks only started when we announced we were getting married........what is it with mil's always blaming the girls on anything to do with anything!!!!!!!! i couldnt care that its a lamp its just that if you get something for one you should do the same for the other..........by the way theirs no shortage of cash..... O:| O:| O:| i dont even have anywhere to put the ugly thing >:o( its going over the balcony....i'l just say that one of the kids broke it >:o) any comments much appriciated, to ease my exploding head O:|
October_2007 Posts: 937
I can see why you are annoyed but [quote:30i3j5uo]just found out she bought us a FU*kING lamp........ [/quote:30i3j5uo] Funny! :o0 Try not to let it annoy you tho!
she Posts: 3298
i no, i try but she's just wrecking my head at the moment.........i just had a small rant at h2b over it.....hes like "dont worry about it", "it prob a nice lamp".....i wish he'd grow a pair of ball when it comes to her,,,,,,he has them for everything else :o0
lil-star Posts: 3149
Oh i see your MIL went to the same college on how to annoy the p!ss out of your future daughter inlaw :o0 I never wanted to have the stereotypical relationship with her but its ended up like that and more, last night it was her arranging the hen night..... she hasnt been asked and my bm is fuming :eek Just take a breath and count it out, no matter how you come across to her it would be just scabby and bitchy and she would bring it back on you if you mentioned her light compared to the others
she Posts: 3298
[quote="lil-star":3iax1vkz] last night it was her arranging the hen night..... [/quote:3iax1vkz] oh jesus and i thought i had problems :o0 you just cheered me up.....feck her im going to see ps i love u later so that will cheer me up or il be whinging :o0
mrs moon Posts: 129
You should just smile and say 'Oh thank you so much, I love it, I can put it on ........(something you really want), oh no sorry we don't have one of them, we must put that on our wish list for the wedding!!!!' :o0 Bloody scabby cow, she might get the hint and buy you something you actually need.
milis Posts: 7998
Word of warning.... [b:2mgdhtok]TRY[/b:2mgdhtok] not to b!tch about her to h2b. He probably agrees with you, and may be a bit hurt by her behaviour, having you point it out might not be the best thing for him *)
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
[quote:1k2u62jd][quote="Milis":1k2u62jd]Word of warning.... [b:1k2u62jd]TRY[/b:1k2u62jd] not to b!tch about her to h2b. He probably agrees with you, and may be a bit hurt by her behaviour, having you point it out might not be the best thing for him *)[/quote:1k2u62jd][/quote:1k2u62jd] 100% agree with Milis. DH's best friend and his wife split up last year, he was sick listening to his wife b!tch about his parents.
she Posts: 3298
its grand girls i gave out about her for about 5 minutes and then shut up, im just not going near the house for the time being,,,,,,until i calm down.....the gas thing about it is i do get on with her but as i said since we announed the wedding shes had a face on her,,,,,prob because she not involved(my mother is dead), so just doing it on my own......... but you cant really involve her either cause im not getting married in dublin and tbh theres a major drink problem there so even if i was to meet up with her to go shopping she'd nearly 100% have drink on her and thats were she changes from mrs nice to mrs nasty......and shes doing this every day now.....
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
She, I'm a little worried I think we may have the same FMIL :eek , she sounds very familiar with regard to drink. Put it this way, I've been "informed" that she's organised an engagement party for Sat night, all well & good you think, I'm not allowed invite my family or friends, its all her family & friends! My sister, who I'm very close to, asked was this the official meeting of the families! I was mortified to tell her that its nothing of the sort. I don't even know if its dinner or just drinks, should I eat before we go, don't know what time its on or for that matter if its in the pub or their house O:| Thank God i'm not the only one who struggles with the relationship they have GRRRR will just have to have a few O-O before I go tomorrow, steel the nerves before she starts dictating