Feel like I'm going mad!

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lettie Posts: 34
I feel like I am going mad at the moment - we dtd last week at the "right time" and I just have this really strong feeling ever since that I am pregnant - but I have to wait another 2 weeks before I can test - I just cant think of anything else now and this really strong feeling has completely taken over my head. It's driving me demented!! Every little twinge that I feel is just confirmining it for me - but I have no proof and the thought of waiting for another 2 weeks is driving me mental. The only thing that I can say for sure is that my breasts are tender - with one more so than the other - they also feel hot and I normally wear an underwire bra - but I cant wait to take this off in the evening - but it has only been a week since we dtd - would this be normal or am I reading too much into this one little thing??
theoracle Posts: 7664
Unfortunately you will have to wait till you test to know for sure, it could be a pregnancy sign but test is the only way to know for sure. I wish you good luck and hope the time will fly for you.
madmam Posts: 1294
That was my first sign of bfp - hot boobs. Dont want to get your hopes up tho. Good luck x