Feeling dizzy

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Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Girls, I've been getting quite dizzy the last few mornings. At the weekend it happened when I was doing stuff in the kitchen and it was quite warm so I put it down to that. But its happened now again in work and I'm sitting down. I had some breakfast in work at around 10am this morning, and had eaten the other days too. I'm feeling wrecked the last few days. I'm 17+3 weeks and havent had any major problems.
alton Posts: 3077
blood pressure can get a bit low during pregnancy which can cause dizziness. That's the only thing I can think of. I find that if I get up too quickly I get a bit light headed. Mind you my back hurts so much that it takes a while to get me up anyway so it hasn't been a problem in a while. Might be no harm to check in with your GP.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Thanks Alton. My BP is fine (was at GP last week). If anything, it tends to be a bit high.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
blood pressure or sugar lows or highs could cause this.... i've been having them a lot.. and believe it's to do with 'sugars' I can't take anything SWEET at the momnet, no chocolate or anyting... I read that putting a little salt at the tip of your tongue or having a bath in salt helps with this... i've been feeling 'ok' since i've been doing this... but will be mentioning it to my GP on thursday too xoxo
Toots12 Posts: 894
that's mad HokeyCokey, I've been feeling like that all morning and wasn't sure what was going on! My BP is fine, and was checked only last week. Thanks for the info MTW, must try the salt thing....
lila Posts: 982
could be the low blood pressure as the other posters have mentioned. Its more common in 2nd trimester. Also - are you taking any iron supplements? You might be low on iron too? Worth getting them checked
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I asked my doc about iron last week and she that as my blood tests (from week 5) were fine that I shouldnt take it. I must try the salt thing.
sunnyside Posts: 3164
I had this for about two weeks. Feeling off, dizzy, and then actually fainting :-8 . Not nice. My BP was a bit low as was my iron. Started iron on advise of consultant and feel a lot better now. Found the fainting was worse in the morning even if I'd eaten as it seemed to take a few hours to build my food reserves up for the day. Tips I found helped: Take things really slowly in the morning- eat your breakfast before even getting washed/dressed. Eat something every hour for the first few hours (eg I would have cereal, an hour later had toast, an hour later fruit and biscuit, then yoghurt). Get to bed early- it was worse if I hadn't slept well Keep a bottle of water handy and keep sipping it. Really tell yourself to slow down (when getting up from sitting, when going up stairs) Doctor told me that it's the body's way of saying slow down so you just have to go with it . Hope it passes soon but get gp/consultant to check iron as well as BP. Edited to add- get them to check iron again - between week 5 to week 17 your iron could have changed. Mine was fine at 10 weeks but dropped from 11.7 to 10.5 seven weeks later
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
just a tiny bit of salt now girls, don't over do it as it may make you sick... I usually dont use salt you see... so if you can eat something with salt on it, that would do fine too... It's just i've mainly been living on tea and toast... so salt wasn't an option on either of those!!!! Good luck to you x
Dreamster Posts: 6620
I would say you should try eating earlier than 10am. I never had a breakfast until morning break at 10am and now since I am pg I have to eat before i leave the house. I forgot one day and nearly keeled over in Debenhams :-8 The baby is using so much now as it gets bigger that the sugar levels drop rapidly.