For those with BFPs.... were ye charting???

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sally Posts: 1140
At the end of another unsuccessful month and debating whether to keep charting or not. Has it worked for anyone or has anyone charted then stopped and then got pregnant Im tying to weight the advantages against the disadvantages so here goes Advantages: Big one - know when im ovulating so can have loads of babydancing at the right time Can have a few weeks rest once I know I have ovulated Charts will be handy if I need to go see a doc about this in a few months time Disadvantages: It can be stressful and make you obsess its expensive... well OPKs are it hasnt worked so far so maybe its not all its cracked up to be What do ye think? Hubby thinks I should give it a rest for a month but maybe ill be more stressed without it as ill have no idea whats going on and we will have to have loads of sex all through the month which will be pretty exhausting. If your replying and you dont chart how do you time your babydancing... whenever the mood takes you or what
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
Havent had to chart or use OPK's etc we were so lucky, but was thinking maybe your hubbie might be right. they do say when you are not trying it happens unexpected. I knowits very easy for me to say this and always follow your heart, but maybe it might be an option. Are you trying long?? :wv
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hi Sally, Go buy yourself some opk's on Ebay, super CHEAP! They did the trick for me this month. I had no ewcm so I would have had no idea when I was ovulating without them. We also used the SMEP this month and it worked first time. Best of luck, hang in there :thnk
*Mrs Loulou Posts: 155
How long are you temping? Do you have regular cycles? We've had our first appointment with the doctor in HARI who told us to stop charting/temping/using OPK's and just dtd 2 or 3 times a week...and aim for every two days around ovulation. My cycles are around 29-31 days and I know from temping that my LP is 13 days which means I ovulate on day 16 or 18 so we know to get going about the 10th...maybe try that for a few months and then see your GP for a referrral.
sally Posts: 1140
TTC 5 cycles.... 6 months. Have been charting using temps, OPKs and CM also taking evening primrose, agnus castus and doing acupuncture. Following SMEP for the last three months. Am going to go to my GP to see what she thinks next week. My cycles are regular at 33 days and I ovulate day 20 usually.
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
wow you really know your stuff, :thnk i wouldnt even attempt to advise, im sure the other girls here will sort you out with a few ideas. Best of luck :xxx :babydust: :babydust: :stork:
sally Posts: 1140
I might know my stuff but its not doing me much good!!!! Any advise is appreciated believe me
Mrs Mac2be Posts: 571
Hi Sal Is Charting the same as the billings method, we were at pre- marriage last week and were given info on this at it, and maybe im just thick but i was readinng up on it last night and i dont get it
*Mrs Loulou Posts: 155
IMO its no harm to go to your GP can always tell him/her that you''ve been trying closer to the "magical" year ..if your 35 or over they'll refer you after 6 months. I don't know if you are in Dublin but the waiting list for HARI is about 4/5 months so get your GP to give you a referral if you need to attend a fertiltiy clinic you'll be at the year mark by then. In the meantime organise day 3 & day 21 (or in your case Day 27) bloods and a SA for your DH. You will also need a smear which has been done within the last 3 years...for me this felt like I was doing something iykwim. I found the 6 month mark the most frustrating but once I finally got the ball rolling I started feeling a bit more positive. I'm getting a bit fed up again (now at 21 months) so taking a break next month and going skiing. I know people mean well when they say relax but it ain't that easy O:|
Cowslip Posts: 761
Sally, I charted for a couple of months, just to find out when I was ovulating. I didn't want to use OPK's as they are very expensive. I found after two months that I was ovulating on cd 16. So I stopped charting full time and just did it for a few days around cd 16 to make sure I ovulated and stopped again did make me less obsessed. I didn't do anything month 1, temped for months 2 and 3. And I got pregnant in month 4 but had a very early mc, and became pregnant again in month 5 and it was a sticky one, so stopping temping full time worked for us, or else it was just our time....but I was definitely less stressed when I stopped. If you have regular cycles and know that you are going to ovulate around a certain day I would say it would help to stop charting, my doctor advised me to stop.