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Justme87 Posts: 1
Does anyone have any ideas for games for the hen and for the bus journey. My friend does want things like strippers or anything dirty really. I'm thinking maybe that game where you split everyone into groups, and make wedding dresses lol.. Any other ideas greatly appreciated. :)
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
hey my BMs planned my hen. they filmed himself answering questions, and then compiled it all into a 'mr and mrs' video. it was 7 minutes long, and i had to match his answers. it was really cute and funny and ridiculous. the girls also made a crimes against humanity game, and edited the cards to be related to me. i got to choose the funniest answers. it was lots of fun. idk if that helps. i really didnt want penis related shite either. :custum59
rachsaund Posts: 54
I've seen little memory books passed around the bus at some hens I've been at which can provide endless entertainment including funny pics from school, funny stories etc.