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My Left Foot Posts: 49
8 pages later, hotpants joins, bouncy leaves? Hmmmmm
TracyBarlow Posts: 943
[quote="supersupervisor":1wnig5z1][quote="BouncyL":1wnig5z1][quote="supersupervisor":1wnig5z1][Hang on a second here - not ten minutes ago you were throwing around an accusation, refusing to provide proof but assuring us all it was true. Now you backtrack. You seem very closely allied to Admin - you should make sure the information they are feeding you is true before posting it on a public message board.[/quote:1wnig5z1] It was nothinbg to do with admin. Don't quit the day job Sherlock.[/quote:1wnig5z1] Come off it. Who else would have the contact details of a user or the inclination to ring a user for a post on a message board. It ultimately came from Admin or you are lying. [u:1wnig5z1]By the way who died and out you in charge of this message board? Its a community not a BouncyL dictatorship[/u:1wnig5z1]. Unless you are Admin??? :eek[/quote:1wnig5z1] One could have argued this point with Mrspants and her posse. This is exactly what they did on a daily basis and no one seemed to have a problem with it!
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
[quote="Columbo1":12jaz13j] Lois- I'm not sure that anyone is saying that the absence of Mrspants will spell the downfall of WOL!! [/quote:12jaz13j] You'll find they are on multiple threads in Off Topic. [quote="Columbo1":12jaz13j]I think people are annoyed at how controlling and mammyish this site has become. We are all adults here, we should be able to offer valid opinions without the threat of expulsion- even if the opinion to to a Supplier![/quote:12jaz13j] WOL has always been that way. I've been a member since 2006 and suppliers call the tune. Hotpants isn't the first member to be banned and she won't be the last. Everyone is saying they don't give a damn about what others think of their opinions etc yet the posts on this thread suggest otherwise. If you don't give a damn, you don't give a damn!
supersupervisor Posts: 139
Did they call for bannings and attack banned posters for re-joining?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
[quote="CherryChapstick":1ycgtxce][quote="Columbo1":1ycgtxce][quote="CherryChapstick" Admin would be the Farmer, making the pigs, well......... :hyper: :hyper:[/quote:1ycgtxce][/quote:1ycgtxce] you?? [/quote] And IM the nasty one??! :weep No, the pigs would be the posse love, the one you defected to after you realised you couldnt get the better of them, after you yourself called mrspants a bully etc not too long ago. Search Bully, you wont be long finding the thread im referring to. If you cant beat em, join em eh?! *we really need a Rolling Eyes smiley*[/quote] Firstly, the pig thing was a joke- clearly. Secondly, the posse card again??? Really?? Would ya ever grow up. The only posse is the one you have made up in Cherrychapstick land. I am not part of any posse and never will be. I am probably friendly with people on this site but that does not make me part of any posse. Serioulsy- stop throwing that word around because it really makes you look stupid. Thirdly, yes I have disagreed with Hotpants before but so what??? I'm a grown up, I dont carry the "ghosts of threads past" around with me. I can move on from a thread and not hold a grudge. Maybe you should try it. And that IS all I'm posting on this thread.
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
[quote="supersupervisor":16x9fi2m]Did they call for bannings and attack banned posters for re-joining?[/quote:16x9fi2m] Yes. There's been bigger personalities on WOL!
My Left Foot Posts: 49
Can CC clarify whom she means by "posse" ? If not, then she is clearly bull shit ting!!
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
[quote="My Left Foot ":lzt494q8]Can CC clarify whom she means by "posse" ? If not, then she is clearly bull sugar ting!![/quote:lzt494q8] I'd like to know who's in the posse too
TracyBarlow Posts: 943
[quote="My Left Foot ":1az7uwko]Can CC clarify whom she means by "posse" ? If not, then she is clearly bull sugar ting!![/quote:1az7uwko] Do you want a bigger spoon for that pot of sh!t you're trying to stir?!
hootpants Posts: 47
[quote="BouncyL":2vqpgw5e][quote="hootpants":2vqpgw5e]Stoop so low? Yes i am banned, and no doubt this will be deleted too. But i have no choice to log on and defend myself against your vicious lies and slandourous posts. There are people on here who know me persoanlly and i will not have you tell such vicous lies about me. First thing in the morning i am ringing admin and i am going to make sure you pay for this. How dare you. I have already emailed them and i am telling you if you think i will let this go you are wrong. Lure me out? So what you admit to telling lies to "lure me out" - how nasty. LIAR. NASTY NASTY LIAR.[/quote:2vqpgw5e] I didn't deliberately lie. It's what I was told. I had no reason not to believe it. I did not do it to lure you out! You're banned and shouldn't be on here anyway. I have already retracted what I posted IF it was wrong. So you have something else to get your kinckers in a knot over now, another crusade! I'd say you're delighted. Good luck talking to admin. I hope they don't give you the time of day. You tried to sabotage their business more than once. I have emailed them myself also. :wv[/quote:2vqpgw5e] [quote="BouncyL":2vqpgw5e]It's true Cherry [/quote:2vqpgw5e] SO how can you say that if you do not know if it's true - YOU WERE AND ARE TELLING NASTY VICIOUS LIES. Lure me out - it was you who used the phrase! Delighted? I am far from it BouncyL, i am disgusted that anyone would tell such lies about me. Watver you think of me is your opinion but no-one has ever the right to do what you just done. No-one. And as for the "sabotage" their business - seruously if that was ever the case i would have been banned months ago. Or did "someone" tell you that to. LIAR. NASTY LIAR. Whatever you thinkof me I KNOW i never stooped as low as you.