Getting married abroad - where does one start???

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bubs2012 Posts: 521
We had made plans to get married this year at home but have now decided to postpone plans due to the fact that my job isn't that safe.... I am now looking into getting married abroad and having a more intimate wedding. we originally had 250 and I think we got carried away with things, so now Im happier to have a smaller wedding of around 80 people. I basically want something that would be very scenic, the ceremony over looking a beautiful ocean or something really picturesque. My problem is that I just dont know where to start. ideas, websites advice are all welcome... Thanks
mrsblacky Posts: 440
Hiya, You'd probably better posting in Weddings Abroad which is further down the page! Alot of very useful info on there!
bubs2012 Posts: 521
fruitypie Posts: 826
have a read of my report at Feel free to ask any q's..
sillysocks Posts: 1390
We're using - they have a good few venues in the south of Spain on the website. Our venue isn't on there but its - on a lake and in the mountains, very scenic!
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
I just PM'd you.