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CarrieD2010 Posts: 35
Hi girlies, Anyone know of a website I can get a nice pair of Gina sandals for my big day? They are over 700 in BTs for the style I'd like, their about 650. If I could get them for 500 that would be great. Alternatively, if you know of a good (high, I'm 5'2 and my OH is 6'2) pair of shoes that can be worn after please do let me know. Thanks. Carrie
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Wow Carrie there are great specials offers on the website. Are any of them in your size?
CarrieD2010 Posts: 35
Yeah, there are shoes for little feet like mine on there. :) They didn't have my size in BTs. I think they probably have US websites you can get them on even cheaper but I haven't been able to find one!
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Hi Carrie, Which Gina shoe style was it you were looking for (I hope it's not staring me in the face in your previous posts and I've missed it! :-8 )? If it's the famous Gina diamante strappy sandal, Moda in Pelle usually carry a similar shoe with a nice high heel. At the moment they have this Spyra one in both champagne & silver: [img:8fl3zs1s][/img:8fl3zs1s]
CarrieD2010 Posts: 35
Oh they look lovely! Where is the shop? I was looking at the Gina Rox shoe. Thanks so much :0)
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
[quote="CarrieD2010":1b082tgx]Oh they look lovely! Where is the shop? I was looking at the Gina Rox shoe. Thanks so much :0)[/quote:1b082tgx] Their stores are mainly UK based but they have a website which you can order from or I know Fran & Jane definitely stock some of their lines. I'm sure other places in Ireland do also. ETA: Ok now I see your Gina Rox shoes - I hope I have the correct ones pictured below?? I've seen similar styles by Benjamin Adams. They would be in the £150-£250 stg price range. Have a google and I'm sure you'll come across them. Gina - Rox: [img:1b082tgx][/img:1b082tgx] Benjamin Adams - Astor: [img:1b082tgx][/img:1b082tgx]