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ellise Posts: 26
Hi everyone Me and my boyfriend were chatting last night about who we would like for our baby's godparents, it's not for ages but we just wanted to choose. We have a bit of a problem though, I want my very close cousin who is a woman and we also want his sister so that would mean two women for godparents, is this allowed or has anyone seen this before??? Both of our family's are full of women so we really don't have any guy in mind that we would like as a godparent. Thanks
OAT Posts: 2207
I'm having my friend and my Aunt as Godparents. You can do it anyway you want really. Our other kids each have 2 Godmothers and 2 Godfathers
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Yeah, someone I know has 2 Godmothers and no Godfather. Do it!
ellise Posts: 26
Thanks girls, that makes everything a little easier!! Now just to change his mind because he's a little old fashioned but i'll just work my charm.......or pull a tantrum!! :o0
justwed09 Posts: 2349
my godchilds other godparent is her aunt, she is a twin and both twins have two godmothers and no godfathers. this baby will have two godfathers!
wollysocks Posts: 1773
It actually depends on the church and the priest.You will need to check it out first. I wanted to have 2 godparents of the same sex and checked with my local parish priest at home- he was fine with it- no problem. However, where we live was a different story. We were in process of moving so went to parish we were moving from and was told no- that it must be a man and a woman. So we decided to check out new parish we were moving to- I asked woman in charge of organising christenings and she said no. So I went over her head to the parish priest. I rang him and he said he wasn't totally sure but thought it was ok. But then he said " wait a minute here is someone who will know for sure" and guess what he put me on the phone to the woman again- who I had previously talked to! she told me again that it was against canon law- I said that my parish priest at home had no problem with it- she said he was breaking canon law!It had to be a man and woman she said- So i would say to you to check it out before you go asking people as we had already asked the 2 godparents and we had to unask one....not nice.....