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xxHoneyMonsterxx Posts: 39
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good dress maker to make a mother of the groom outfit. My FMIL is having a lot of trouble getting something as she is a size 6/8 and the shops either don't stock in this size or have nothing left and aren't expecting deliveries for another 6/8 wks which I fear will be too late. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it! Thks! HoneyMonster
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Where are you based? I know 2 really good dress makers in Cork
xxHoneyMonsterxx Posts: 39
Hiya, thanks a mil 4 reply, I'm in Dublin but fmil is in the midlands. Might take the cork contacts anyway cos getting a little panicked now! Fingers crossed they are in north cork or somewhere accessible! Any other suggestions also welcomed from other wollies! Thanks girls! HM
yumyumcake Posts: 293
She anywhere near Athlone direction?, know a good dressmaker not far from there, mainly does wedding stuff.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
PM'd you
xxHoneyMonsterxx Posts: 39
hi girls Iluvcake- Yep she is very close to athlone, if you could provide details that would be great! fishermansbride- didn't get your PM yet, not sure if there is a delay with receiving them! If you could resend that would be great! Thanks for the help! HM