Good idea for meal to give to new mammy!

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
Going to make nice meal for my friend who just had baby, she said no spicy food and had enough of lasagne already. My question is what would you have liked as a nice meal after you had given birth?
zowiebowie Posts: 300
My mam had a roast dinner ready for us when we came home from hospital - it was heaven after eating hospital food for 2 days. Then a couple of days later my friend gave us a beef casserole and I could have kissed her! To be honest it doesn't matter what you make - its the fact that you made anything that she'll appreciate. The first few days are such a blur that cooking a dinner doesn't even factor in! You're a great friend :)
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
hi there, my sis in law just had a baby a month ago & i made her Barefoot Contessa's chicken pot pie & it is DELISH! Didn't do the pastry part, just the filling & made mash potatoes & put it into chinese containers so she could freeze it aswell. here's the link: :wv
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I brought a friend of mine a couple of Cottage Pies and she said they were delish.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i usually do shepard's pie, chicken and broccoli pie, chicken/beef stew or pasta sauces like bolognese, chorizo and red pepper or a jar of pesto for friends. i generally aim for something they can just heat up and eat straight away or freeze and eat another day if they have dinner for that day.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
the day i came home sil sent over meatballs in pasta sauce & pasta bake. we ate the pasta bake the next night and froze the meatballs. my mam had a lasagne made for us too for the first night. my friend is due her 4th, her 3rd child under 3 at christmas so plan on sending over a couple of things like lasagne, chicken curry etc. to her christmas week that she can pop in the freezer for when she has the little one.
Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
How about a good stew - it's nice this time of year and it's so easy to freeze. Also what about some homemade soup - i.e. a load of veg boiled and liquidized - might make a nice healthy lunch for her some day. Can also be frozen and thawed easily.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
ps one other tip is to give the food in disposable containers. pasta sauces etc in cheap tupperware and stews/pies in those disposable foil trays they can just whack in the oven. that way the new mum doesn't have to worry about getting stuff back to different people.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
stew and creamy mash.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delish
luckylass1 Posts: 477
Thanks a mill everyone. Was thinking stew but would potatoes freeze?! U can see I'm not a goddess in the kitchen! Ha ha!