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TracyD Posts: 750
Great birth story from the US Abriella Grace 9/18/08 9:18 am 7lbs 12oz 19 1/2in This was my first hypno-baby. My first two were natural-one in bed, the second a water birth. Water broke with the first two as the start of labor and then 5-6hr labors which came on fast and strong. This time I had been using my affirmations for several things. That my water would remain intact, that I would go into labor after Wed night at 5pm when the midwife I wanted went on call, that I would remain calm, and that I would birth in the morning when I was rested and fresh. I had been having lots of braxton hicks my whole pregnancy and for the week prior to labor I had some significant contractions during the night, sometimes regular. I had been charting my temps to see if there would be any correlation with labor. I had been running in the mid 97's and Thurs morning it was low 98's....not a huge jump, but enough to make me wonder.... I got up at 6am and had a lot of blood tinge...and had been losing pieces for a couple weeks, but this was the most. Had a contraction, not unusual. Nursed my 1 1/2yr old and had about a 10 minute very significant contraction...also, not something that hadn't happened before. Then I started having contractions but they were very mild....was busy getting my girls ready and myself for work even though I thought this might be it. Was a little shaky so we all had breakfast, my contractions were 2-4min apart but not strong. I wondered if I should make my calls, my mom who had to come up for the girls was over 1hr away and my husband was at work 45 min away, I was 30 min away from the hospital and with my last I arrived and started I didn't want to cut things too close. At 7:30am I decided to head for the hospital. Contractions spaced way out in the car and I thought I was a fool for not sitting down at home to see if they went away...but I had already made my calls so I headed in anyway. Arrived at the hospital a little after 8am and was afraid I wouldn't have any contractions on my 20 min pre-strip and they would think I was crazy for coming in....I finally had one :) They were so mild I was just chatting away happily and having a tea party with my girls. The midwife came and asked if I'd like to be checked...I told her yes because I think it might be a false alarm...I was apologizing when she told me I was 8cm and 100% effaced. I was shocked--I still felt fine. My water broke then and I thought, ok--here comes the hard part. Nope Got into the tub and had a few more contractions maybe 7 min apart or so.... Chatted with my husband and just relaxed in the water. He kept asking if I was even having contractions :) Probably sometime around 9am I felt a very different pushy contraction....we called for the nurse and the midwife and I started gently easing out my baby. The pressure was very intense at this point. Fortunately my midwife teaches hypnobirthing (I was unable to take the class due to child care issues). She was saying all the things I was familiar with in her soothing calm voice. I stayed very calm and relaxed and our little girl made her way into the world at 9:18am on 9/18/08. She is beautiful and perfect and I LOVED my birth. No tears, no hemmroids and I feel great! I wish you all such wonderful birthing experiences. I really enjoyed how positive and calm it kept me at the end of my pregnancy as well as in labor. It was nice to look forward to my birthing day and not dread it :) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Tracy
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
Hi Tracy, I'm not PG but I love that story of how your DD came into this world. I have always wanted to be a doula & I watch all the programs on it. When I do get PG, please God. I will defo be using your techniques :wv
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Wow she makes it sound like it all happened without any pain or pushing - like her DD just slipped out.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Oh my God, I think I'm going to cry. How I so wish that will be me when my time comes. Better start focusing on things to come instead of prentending its not going to happen. :o0 Thanks for sharing that with us Tracy.
TracyD Posts: 750
Isn't it a fabulous birth story ! Imagine being able to say you LOVED your birth (and mean it !) Believe it or not you don't have to push at all.....the uterus moves in an expulsive motion during the 2nd stage of labour which we have no control over so if you can just relax your uterus will nudge your baby down without any help from no need to hold your breath and push for Ireland - your body does it for you :-) It's a brilliant design ! Tracy
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Maybe it's because i'm coming close to labour but did this woman give birth to a baby or a small carrott??!! If it was that simple I'm surprised she even went to the hospital- sounds to me like it could have slipped out in her sleep :o0 Sorry, but me thinks there's a slight exaggeration with this story.
TracyD Posts: 750
I know couldn't possibly be that easy.....could it ;-) One of my mums in Cork was texting the Ray Darcy show in labour to try and get on the show - not a bother on her and she also talks about absolutely loving the labour. It really can be that good :thnk Tracy
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Well if it is the case then it's nice to hear a non-traumatic story. Hoping mine goes half as well. :wv
TracyD Posts: 750
I wish more mums would tell their positive birth stories ! I think part of it is that they don't want to make another mum feel bad if her birth was very traumatic. Make a commitment to yourself that you're not going to listen to or read any more birth stories other than positive ones. (Read the ones on the hypnobirthing thread below every day) In pregnancy we tend to be very picky about what we feed our bodies - but not our minds and our minds have a huge impact on our experiences of birth ;-) ... p?t=112189 Hope things go fantastically well for you ! Tracy
sunnyside Posts: 3164
thanks :wv