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bababum Posts: 226
Hi All, Looking for some info on the above, has been bothering me since i gave birth to my ds 12 weeks ago; If it is known that you ar a carrier of group b strep pre labour at what is the stage after your waters breaking do you HAVE to get the antibiotics? Anyone with any info i'd be grateful Thank You Bababum x
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Congrats on your little baby boy I was told Im a carrier of group b strep, I was in hospital with high blood pressure when my waters broke, so they put me on the antibiotics striaght away, Id two lots in labour. So my DD didn't need to be given any after the birth. Where you given some in your labour. I've been told this time around there not even going to test me and just give me the antibiotics anyway
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
As far as I know, they give the IV antibiotics during labour. I must remember to ask them to check me out for it. I don't think they do a routine check of it.
geminigirl Posts: 137
i got it during labour on my ds...i remember it was fairly far into the labour and was nearly worse than the labour itself! they kept missing my vein so ended up with huge lump under my skin of the antibiotic and was so painful. they did that twice and only on 3rd try they got a vein. my arms were in bits. i think ds got antibiotics after delivery and i had to stay in extra couple of days cos they were monitoring him. they tested me at 32 weeks this time and it came back clear so they said i dont need antibiotics this time. might ask to be tested again in next week or so cos 36 weeks now so afraid it might not have shown up in last one and could just appear now...does anyone know if this is poss or if ur gona get it would it show up from start of pregnancy?
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Geminigirl whe I was at my 14 week check a couple of weeks ago. The doctor said he was going to give me the antibiotics anyway because he could do a test on me at 32 -34weeks and it could come back clear but then I could have it by the end of pregnancy so to be on the safe side Ill be getting them this time around. I found Id a really bad taste in my mouth when I was on the drip. Which hospital are you attending Im with the coombe and find them great
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I think it tends to show up more so in the final few weeks of pregnancy unless you have had alot of urinary infections throughout the pregnancy. I will be almost 37 weeks at my next visit so will ask about being checked then.