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oddwire Posts: 842
Documentary on BBC 4 now - started at nine, just tuned in.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
have set the repeat to record, was it any good? Is it a one-off or a series?
oddwire Posts: 842
Think it's a two parter, said at the end that next week is about life outside the womb. I just caught the end of the second trimester section, talking about how diabetes can develop in the mother, and I saw the third - talking about how mother and baby are in conflict with each other! Also talked about pre-enclampsia (sp?) and genetics - how the father's and mother's genes are fighting it out between them! Lots of great images inside the womb..!
All Loved Up Posts: 135
It was informative and had some fab images but overall I though the general feeling was a bit negative, it seemed to portray the survival of the pregnancy as a battle between mother and baby. I prefer to think of what we're doing as the most natural thing in the world. Still I'll be tuning in next week!
oddwire Posts: 842
Yeah, my husband didn't like it, thought it was focusing on the bad. I thought it was kind of fascinating, I knew it was the worst case scenarios they were talking about. She did turn it around a bit at the end though, saying that it is the most natural thing to be doing etc. I read about it that some of the theories of conflict in it are a bit controversial and not generally accepted by the medical world.