Hair& makeup Trial why so expensive?

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JS2408 Posts: 29
Hi ladies just wondering why your makeup& hair trial costs so much if its only a trial? I've been quoted 89 euro for make up& hair trial & if I want to bring my bridesmaid it'll cost same just seems very expensive when there just trying it out its not like I'm going to be going anywhere after the trial it gonna be washed off like, and to be honest I can't afford to pay for my bridesmaids trial so don't know what to do . :compress
streco80 Posts: 343
I'm going to get my trial done and I'm not bothering getting any bm trials done. If I like the make up they will too. The price of trials are crazy. Also when getting your trials done dont feel rushed! It's a trial so get loads of different things done before leaving. Make sure you're totally happy with it
JS2408 Posts: 29
Yeh that's what I was thinking I'm sure the makeup artist will know what will suit the bridesmaids so they can just get it done on wedding day. If my bridesmaid does want to come long she can pay it herself as I'm already paying for so much. Thanks defo if I'm not happy ill say it ridiculous prices for trials especially in a recession lol.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
To look at it another way - while trials are expensive, you are still using the service of a trained professional and their expensive products, regardless of the fact that it’s not the actual wedding day. I will pay for my own trial but not for the bridesmaids, it’s not necessary. And I will try to book it for a day when I will be heading out that night – it just seems a shame to wash it off straight after! How far in advance of the wedding to get the trial done though, that is the next question..?
JS2408 Posts: 29
Yeh I understand that the makeuartist are using quality products I might find somewhere to go after haha get money's worth I'm getting married in August so might book in April for trial. Just thought it was expensive that's all. :)
littlemisslui Posts: 79
I didn't bother gettin trial 4 my bm's but both hair and makeup was same price for trial as it was on morn of wedding. can't rem exactly how much now but it was no more than 70 for both n that was them comin to my house aswell :)
laurakaymakeup Posts: 51
:wv Obviously different Hairdressers and Makeup Artists charge different rates, but it would generally be more than just getting your makeup done because the Hairdresser/MUA usually sets aside quite a large period of time in for the trial. This way they have time to try different looks on you if you want. Plus there's usually time set aside to properly consult with you to try to figure out who you are as a person and as a bride so that we can ensure we get it right and give you the exact look you want on the big day. I always say to my brides, if you don't like it - Tell Me. You're not going to offend us, we just want to get it Right!! If you're not quite sure what it is that you're not keen on just say so and then it's up to us to figure it out. As other people have mentioned regarding bridesmaids, generally when bridesmaids come with a bride to me... they pay for themselves, so don't feel under pressure!! Some Hairdressers/MUA's charge a reduced rate for additional people if they come on the same day as the bride. Just be sure to get all charges up front so you can budget accordingly. Best of luck Wollies!!