Hair on my face

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Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Hey girls, I'm at the wrong side of thirty :innocent: and have recently noticed the odd long stray hair around my chin or lower cheeks. I'm fair skinned and have fair hair and while someone probably wouldn't see them without being very, very close to me, I can feel them, I know they're there and I'm conscious of them. :-8 I'm just wondering if any of you might also be experiencing the same and how do you go about dealing with them. Bleaching isn't really necessary as they are already so fair but I just want rid altogether!! O:| What's the story with laser treatment? Is this only effective on darker hair or would it work for me do you think? Or would electrolysis be the way to go maybe? If this is just the beginning and going to continue to get worse as I get older, will whatever treatment I may have now deal with it permanently or is it something I'm going to end up doing for rest of my life as new hairs appear?
stick Posts: 1229
laser isnt effective on fair hair. electrolysis would eb the best option for hair hairs
mrs shamrock Posts: 603
I definitely seen somewhere think it could have been xpose a new type of laser that works on fair hair so worth looking around.
mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
JulyBride, I saw that on Xpose a few months ago too, it's called Applesonix, check out the link for more info I would try this before electrolysis as it can be very harsh on the skin. My mother has very fine fair hair on her chin and has done 3 session and it's nearly gone. Also if you do get it done make sure to put loads of Aloe Vera Gel on afterwards to keep the skin cool.
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Thanks girls for the replies. :thnk I will check that out mysteriousgirl. My WOL is soooo slow today. :o(
CestMoi Posts: 2162
I would definitely look into the new forms of laser, one beautician I went to said a while ago that they are becoming better for lighter hairs. I don't think I'd bother with the electrolysis TBH. My mum gets it occasionally on her lip, but although the hairs are light and unnoticeable now, she still would get electrolysis done every now and then, and I know she has been for years - so to me it seems like a waste of time. I have one like yours on the side of my face cheek / jawline and it really bugs me, but its either on a mole or the mole is beside it (very tiny too) but they are all reluctant to go near it. Very depressing, but I just have to either bleach it or trim it. Since getting pregnant it seems to be more invisible thankfully! Just make sure you have no moles.
LJMom Posts: 1100
God this is great does anyone know is it expensive? Or has anyone any feedbackon it? Id love it for my upper lip??
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I started getting the same at around 24! I was distraught! It's very common...i get laser but to be honest it's just to control it. It keeps it away for about 6-8 weeks but I need to get it done again. As it's generally hormonal it does come back. I've just accepted I will just need to get laser done...maybe I'll try this newer laser. However once you can control it, it's not the end of the world....