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Bombshell29 Posts: 85
Hi all I've had it with my thin hair gets me down so much can anyone recommend a good supplement to take???? O-O
celestial Posts: 32
Hey I suffer from the same and have tired perfectil and silica and didn't think much of either. Iv been using another one called Head High by FSC for the last few months and I am finding it great, definitely think its got a little thicker and a few people have said my hair is looking great- people NEVER say that about mine, normally looks like a head of strings if u know what I mean!! The head high is a protein supplement which is different from the others. U will get it in any pharmacy or health food shop, around €10 for a months supply! Hope that helps, I know what it's like, what I wouldn't give for a good thick head of hair!!
BusyBee29 Posts: 368
+1 on the Head High. Need to have a three month supply to notice difference.