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mad woman Posts: 22106
survivor Posts: 2507
Hey Clucky. Happy birthday. Will have a drinky in your honour tonight O-O and maybe tomorrow night, and oh I might squeeze one or two in on Sunday too. :hic :hic
clucky Posts: 26471
thanks very much girlies :o)ll Survivor wow thats so kind of you
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
many happy returns O-O
clucky Posts: 26471
are there cigarettes in that picture?
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Happy Birthday! Have a good one! O-O
mad woman Posts: 22106
[quote:31x2flzw]Survivor wow thats so kind of you[/quote:31x2flzw] cough cough
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
clucky Posts: 26471
mmm slice for everyone?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[size=200:21qqpa9m]HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSUS CLUCKY!![/size:21qqpa9m] Have a good one Here's a virtual pressie for you; [img:21qqpa9m]http://www.giftshopcafe.com/giftcafe/assets/product_images/toblerone5.jpg[/img:21qqpa9m]