Has anyone had their upper lip lazered?

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MommaBear Posts: 36
Firstly, sorry for posting here should be in health and beauty but this gets more traffic. I have decided to finally get my lip done. The problem is that it isn't really dark and I am a litle sallow so I know that rules a lot of procedures out. It just drives me crazy, a have a lot of fine hair an a few dark thick ones. I usually wax but it grows at different rates so am doing it all the time and bleaching doesnt work for me. So I am hoping that some wollies could advise me?? thank you :thnk
mysteriousgirl Posts: 783
I would have quiet dark hair too and started getting the laser done on it, I find it brillant. I've done a few sessions now and have had very little regrowth in the last few months. I would defo recommend doing it.
stick Posts: 1229
Yes def go get it done i had it done 1st 10 years ago had the course of about 10 at the time, i now get a 'top up' every year to maintain it. its brill
MommaBear Posts: 36
Thanks girls :thnk Can I ask what type you got and the name of place? There seems to be loads of different ones around
stick Posts: 1229
i had IPL and i had it done in aveo in Naas but i am now gogint o Carter beauty in Blackrock in Dublin they are doing a brilliant offer at the moment