Have you negotiated any cheaper rates from suppliers?

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summerbridez Posts: 154
Apart from the hotel have any of you tried to get the price with suppliers down? Are there certain things you know not to bother asking for a discount? HTB thinks we should be asking everyone for a deal, photographer, dress, cars, band etc But I don't know what the norm is, are their prices set in stone or do they negociate their rates?? Seeing as it will be me doing most of the organising I don't want to look like a fool asking everyone 'Can you better on that price' :-8 Advise needed, thanks! :thnk
shiversmoy Posts: 635
I tried negotiating with our videographer but he wasn't budging but did give me 2008 price for 2009 so that was something. H2b negotiated for our cars and we got a good discount there too so its definitely worth your while trying to negotiate wherever you can :o)ll
Trillian Posts: 1685
Oh ask, you'd be surprised. I got a deal on the DJ (partly cause of the day of the week and partly by being cheeky) and also on my dress. Still working on the hotel, although there I don't expect much. I also got a deal from a car guy, but didn't need it in the end as I got a better offer i.e. FREE from my uncle. Also remember you don't need to go with 'packages', ask for what you want specifically and get a rate on that.
winter08bride Posts: 863
It is always good to haggle a bit. I got a discount on my dress coz I told the shop that the same dress down the country was €300 cheaper. Did the same with my florist. Haggled a bit with the hotel. No buge with the band or photographer tho.
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Oh Defo, I bargained with the hotel def worth it as they threw in a few bits that we wouldnt have got so they'll had to things. Video i didnt, Photo i didnt either as its standard price then we can decide on album after wedding so we like his deal plus he is doing an Engagement Portrait of us for free. Car i got 100 Euro off, kept saying ah come on sure its quiet then for weddings - as were having a winter wedding :o0 Invites i'm on at min, so when i have my finals numbers i defo will be asking for a discount as its a good order. My Mother asked for a discount when i picked my dress got €100 off. H2b wasn't going to ask for a discount off my Engagement ring and i said i would and we got nearly 1K off it - so its all worth it. Wedding suppliers have a serious mark up, they triple the price someone once told me so ask away. If your wedding is a week day or winter your already at an advantage as they would be quiet then and only be loving the business so they can afford to drop their price.. Never be afraid to ask, what you dont ask for you dont get & at the end of the day every little extra helps..