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bucketofchips Posts: 1913
Need a bit of advice... I thought I was due my period 3 weeks ago - it never came. I can't remember my last one before that but I was fairly sure it was due about 2 to 3 weeks ago. My hubby and I did the naughty without protection about 2 weeks ago as I thought my AF was literally about to arrive and last weekend I thought I was starting to get some mild cramps but they didn't eventuate - normally I experience terrible cramps for the first day and then they ease off. I did notice some brownish coloured discharge and a bit of blood followed the next day and since then I have had what I can only describe as - the lightest period I've had in years. One minute there's a bit of blood there - the next there isn't. I normally go through about 3 tampons a day but this time I've gone through 2 in the week and to be honest there was only a teeny tiny bit of blood there. Before this brown spotting-like stuff happened, I took a home pregnancy test and nothing showed up. I did the second one from the pack on Friday and again nothing. Since then, I feel really exhausted, very irritable, bloated and fell like I've put on a stone in a week. I am going to the toilet for a pee a bit more and generally I just feel totally drained. I feel very down and life-less :( Do you think I could still be pregnant even with the negative results? To be honest, I'm hoping I'm not as I'm not really quite ready for a baby :( I just read about "implantation spotting' does anyone think this is what I might have even though the tests are negative as it does sound very similar to what I have experienced in the last week. I have read that HPT are sometimes unreliable until the 6 week etc.. I also should have added, I noticed another thing during the week and that was that when I go for a pee it seems to have a much stronger odour than normal - sort of a more musty heavy sort of smell - sorry for the TMI! Any help would be welcomed - head is all over the shop :( Thanks
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
bucket of chips when was the last time you tested?? It sounds to me kind of like you might be....though of course you could be stressing yourself out worrying and delaying things? I'm no expert but yes you can get unreliable test results for weeks after a missed af some women just don't show in pregnancy tests (my mum was nearly 3 months gone before the doc tests showed a bfp she in the end had to insist on a scan to proof she was !!)
NotHere Posts: 10273
Maybe head of to the doc bucketofchips. I've just got my BFP and I had all the symptoms of my period so don't let that fool you. Also, the pee thing was one of the things that made me think I might be pregnant, it is super strong smelling. Good luck :thnk
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Its sounds as if you could be!!! But it may be too early to get a positive result. Wait another week, and test again. I know the wait is a killer , but at least then you show know for sure. Good luck!
grumpy Posts: 1280
I'm going against the grain here, but if you're testing 3 weeks after af was due, it would definitely be showing up positive by now. I know some tests can be faulty, but it would be unusual for two to be wrong (although not impossible, I'm sure). I think you should do another home test before going to the doctor. Get the ClearBlue digital, as that seems to be the best. Home tests are actually more sensitive than the ones the doctors have, so if you do go to the doctor, you'll need to insist on a blood test. I hope it all works out for you.
lenadmp Posts: 139
hi there same thing happened my 2 months ago period was 3 weeks late- never happened before?? All pregnancies tests neg- I was convinced I was pregnant I wasnt. To be totally honest I dont think you are it would show up by now. I know someone said that there mum was diagnosed until her 3 month scan. The same happened with my mum. But nowadays everything is so sensitive that that just would not happen. I think the af(bom) will arrive very shortly doll. All the best
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
Girls - further to my original post in this thread - I have a dilemma and need some advice... I posted this thread on Feb 24th, the 'spotting' I mentioned in the first post, started on Feb 18th and as I said it was not a normal period for me - it was way too light and I don't really feel I had a proper period that month. I don't know what it was but it was so light I almost feel it isn't worth considering a 'period'. Thing is it is now 40 days since this miniscule spotting happened and still no sign of my 'March AF' I have done 5 pregnancy tests over this 40 day period and all negative. Do you think this is something I should be getting concerned about? In the past I have had cycles where I was on average about 36 days but in the past year - especially since I moved to Oz, my AF started coming very regularly and was pretty much ever 28 days on the dot. I cannot remember when i had my January AF or whether it was at the very end of December - crazy I know but I just can't work out when my last AF was. I guess I should go to the doc or should I wait another week or 2? Cheers girls :lvs
mrs bwin Posts: 242
I had something similar last month since coming off the pill last June my AF was pretty much 29 days then Dec AF arrived after 36 days then last month it took 56 days before i had a AF i also had cramps. I went to the docs as very strange he told me that if you have had 3 BFN then you more than likely not preg. He told me to come back if i had no AF for 3 cycles. He didn't want to give me any hormones to bring on my AF as we are TTC. My advice would be if you are worried then make an appointment to put your mind at rest.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi Bucketofchips, very strange, from your original post it sounded like you had all the symptoms, but so many BFN's? I reckon you should go to see your doctor and maybe they can do a blood test to check if you are pregnant. Best of luck :xxx
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
Sleep monster - I'm fairly sure I'm not pregnant - my boobs aren't any bigger (more is the disappointment!) I feel totally normal, don't have ANY of the early pregnancy symptoms at all.. To be honest I hope to God I'm not as I've had quite a few heavy drinking nights recently. BTW - I don't think that has anything to do with the lack of AF as I always have heavy drinking nights :o0 The only think I noticed that's different, is the fact I have more spots on my face - I very rarely get spots. And last week and the previous one I was eating like a horse - crazy eating - I put on 4 Kilos in 2 weeks - but I thought that was just crazy pre-AF increased appetite. I did 6 (sorry not 5) Pregnancy tests - 2 per box and I used all of them. Starting from Feb 18th and then 2 weeks later and then the last ones I tried were used a week and a half ago. The were 2 different makes. I think I'll leave it another week and go to docs. Thanks for your advice girls