Healthy Routines prior to Wedding

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excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
Hi Wollies, Can you tell me are you doing any healthy routines prior to the run up to you wedding/honeymoon? If so, please share. I know one bride to be is drinking hot water and lemon twice a day
Gizobel Posts: 207
I'm planning to low-carb in the two weeks before, there's nothing like it coming up to a big event! You'll drop an inch off your waist after a few days on it, even your face will be less puffy. My dress is a lace-up back so I won't have to worry about it suddenly not fitting. Seriously good for a quick fix!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
The nearest thing I did to a healthy routine, before our wedding, was take Boots Hair, Nail & Skin tablets. A family friend swore by them - they worked brilliantly. My skin was clearer, nails became stronger and my hair felt healthier and it even became a bit more glossy. I really should go back to them. :)
Steph2 Posts: 1044
Taking fish oil for skin, hair and nails. Lysine to keep coldsores at bay because I usually get them when I'm stressed or run down. B Complex for pretty much everything else..... it's giving me lots of enery which I'm loving. Running 5k three nights a week. Drinking at least two litres of water every day. Not watching the diet in a major way at the moment, but will be cutting out takeaways and chocolate after this week. Will also be steering clear of carbs in the couple of weeks before the wedding, because right enough I'll feel a big difference around the tummy area - less bloated, etc.
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Any links to this low carb diet?? Examples on what you CANT eat and what you should instead?? I'm doing Slimming World but since Xmas I can't get back into it. As I've said on another thread my MIL said I better not loose too much or my dress might need serious alterations and when I checked my progress from February (when I was measured for my dress and it was ordered) I've only lost 3lbs - And I was hoping to have lost 1 stone before my firstt fitting in July. :-8 I've just over 5 months to go to my big day but my skin is an absolute disaster, my chin resembles the alps mountain range O:| I have Perfectil Skin Hair & Nails tablets, but I keep forget to take them! Must start drinking more water - I'm useless at it.
Gizobel Posts: 207
Low carb - what you can eat: lots and lots of leafy green veg and most salad veg eggs, meat, fish & cheese Fats like olive oil, peanut oil and full-fat mayo Lidl Greek yoghurt (most others aren't low-carb enough) Nuts in moderate amounts small amounts of very dark chocolate (70% or higher) most berries cream in your coffee (my favourite ;)) Alcohol wise, go for vodka or gin with diet mixer or soda water Avoid: Any and all refined sugars, sweets and crisps Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and all other starchy carbohydrates Fruits that aren't berries Starchy veg like carrot, parsnip etc Milk unless it is lactose-free Beer, wine and full-sugar mixers Base your meals around the allowed list above and the weight will fall off you. Bear in mind that you should not attempt to go lo-fat as well as low-carb, in the absence of carbs you need the fat for energy! This is really the induction phase, as you get closer to your goal you can start adding more carby foods as long as you're happy with the weight loss slowing down. A good sample day would be: Spinach/ mushroom omelette for breakfast Big tuna or chicken salad for lunch with mayo Steak or fish with roasted veg for dinner Strawberries and greek yoghurt for a snack There are books that you can buy but that right there is the crux of it. Best of luck :)
blue2012 Posts: 126
I will be cutting out caffine a few weeks before wedding, if I am stressed it makes me a lot worse. Running 3 times a week and pilates, but not changing diet because don't want to lose weight after first fitting. Drinking loads of water (filling a litre bottle twice a day to be sure!) and cutting down on take-aways to stop breakouts. Will be taking boots skin hair and nails, also evening primrose to balance hormonal moods (last thing I would need before wedding!) Getting legs waxed every 6 weeks. This is more for honeymoon than wedding! Not doing facials or anything like that, skin is fine and they always upset it! I won't chance low carb before wedding because it makes me really narky and short tempered! Will definitely be switching refined carbs to healthier version soon enough. It does really help with the bloating girls, but be sure to try it out a few months before hand to make sure you don't turn into a monster!
Gizobel Posts: 207
That's true, it definitely doesn't suit everyone. I love it and feel great whenever I do it, loads of energy. However my friend did it and felt horrific, nauseous, lethargic, you name it. Didn't suit her at all.
newshound Posts: 288
Maybe instead of low-carb, go for good-carb. As people have said, cutting out carbs can make you feel terrible and you don't want to be that way in the busy week or two before your wedding. However, swopping anything white for brown will still work and it will give you vital energy. I stopped eating white stuff a while back (except when I really have a craving for soft gooey white bread sambos!) and only eat brown rice, pasta and bread. It's not a quick fix... It made a difference, long-term, but much healthier.
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
I just started with a personal trainer last week, so he told me to write a food diary and he changed 2 things for the next two weeks, then he will change something else. Its high protein, high fat (good fat) and gluten free. He said the biggest mistake most people make is breakfast. If your trying to lose weight and you eat carbs for breakfast (cereal, porridge) your setting your body up fort he day to use the carbs as energy and not burn into the fat storage in your body. so this week i have been eating loads of lean meat, green veg, cheese, salads. And snacking on strawberries and unsalted nuts. I am still having carbs with dinner I just make sure its gluten free. I have also been taking fish oil tablets, 3 with every meal. My workouts with him have all been weights and i do the cardio myself the days inbetween.