Help calculating maternity leave secondary school teacher

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tara10 Posts: 108
Hi everyone, I am not sure if I am calculating my maternity leave properly. I wonder can anyone help me! I am due November 11th and want to work as long as possible so I won't have to come back to school may 2013. I have calculated that if I finish up in school Wednesday october 17th and add 26 weeks to this, this will bring me up to wed April 17th and if I add 30 days to this excluding bank holiday Monday in may, this should bring me up to may 30th, The day our school shuts for summer holidays. Do u think I have calculated this correctly?? Thanks girls!
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Yeah that's what I worked out too. But if your due on the 11th November then your only 35+3 when you are finishing up. Maybe you don't want to work any longer than this but if you worked until 2nd November then you'll just be 37+5 and you'll have an extra few days leave to add on at the end. However I don't know how this works with the school closing during your leave, so it might be something you don't want to think about. On my first pregnancy I came close to being signed off early because of the 120 mile round trip commute and back pain from sitting down all day. I managed to keep going but used my holidays that I had left for the year to break it up into 4 day weeks!