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jodi27 Posts: 9
hi guys Hope ye can help me out .Im in the Waterford area and im looking for some tradional irish music for the church service , like the flute and uileann pipes , that kind of thing .I was wondering if you guys could recomend anyone . I got a number for a cork band , two guys that i found on here , they gave a quote for 450 euro , does that sound about right ? .They are very good but i just thought i might get someone who is a little cheaper if they where based in Waterford ? .Or is this price about average annd should i just go ahead and book them ? Any advice would be a great help . Thanks
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
I would say bumping this.
mem07nov Posts: 87
Hi Jodi27, I live in Waterford too and we are having the Dylan Bible trio playing in the church for our wedding, they are made up of two men and one woman, they play flute, guitar, tin whistle and mandolin. If you would like to talk to them Amanda Fardy is the girls name and her number is 086 3092004, they cost €300. Good luck
emily09 Posts: 169
Hi Jodi27, i am getting married in dublin. We wanted an uillean piper guitarist and singer. Got a quote from an uillean piper who can get the other two to play with him- 450 euro for him and 350 euro for each of the others :eek Thats for the church and drinks reception at the hotel. i think this is mad money, but H2B has his heart set on this type of music.
emily09 Posts: 169
Jodi27 if you dont mind me asking, what is the name of that cork band?
LuLu1 Posts: 14
Hi Memo7Nov Can i ask how the church music turned out on your wedding? Were u happy with it? I am considering same Thanks