Help Hairdresser ruined my hair!!

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busybridetobe Posts: 62
I have a major problem. My hen weekend is next weekend and I am getting married 10 weeks today. I have natural red hair but I had a baby 1 1/2 years ago and after having him my hair dulled completely and I got a grey patch. I started getting semi's in to cover the grey but I felt I needed a tint to lighten up my hair but no hairdresser would take me because supposedly red heads are prime candidates for a reaction. Anyway my bf's cousin offered to do it. she used to own her own salon. My bf couldn't recommend her hightly enough. she was all this "You know the way some hairdresser are known for upstyles and some for cuts well blah is known for colour" I was a bit dubious because I thought I should go to a top ranking salon for my first tint but I agreed. Anyway, I explained that I wanted my hair lightened, you know more coppery orange and that I didn't want red as in fire engine red as they just look fake and I don't like them anyway. I picked out a lovely tint and we got started. She told me that she was also going to put a semi in over the tint to give it condition and shine. She mustn't have thought about the colour of the semi so when she put it in I could see that it was very very dark on my hair. She said that was just because it was wet. After about 10 minutes she decided to wash it out cause she reckoned my hair was taking the colour alot better than she thought. When she dried my hair I thought I was going to faint. I was sooo dark but with that horrible red colour going through it. I told her I didn't like it and she said she shouldn't have put the semi in but I would have to leave it a few weeks. I'm telling you girls, everytime I look in the mirror I start crying. I feel like samson when his hair was cut off. I feel like I have lost my whole look. Some people have skin, others teeth, others eyes, mine was my hair. I feel like I have lost my looks!! Now at the time I had to try to control my anger as she was my bf's cousin and at the time I was the one that was made to feel guilty because when I said I didn't like it she turned to her couisin and said she was not to bring any of her friends out again. My bf has been lecturing me saying that my hair is beautiful and that I am being obsessive and I don't have my priorites right. I mean come on I am getting married in 10 weeks and my hen is next week and everytime I look in the mirror I am crying! I am so pissed off I can't even tell you. Anyway I am booked into Reds this evening but the girl that took my appointment said that they probably won't be able to do anything for me as you can't make a full dark tint lighter! Any advise please!!!
pinkypoo Posts: 118
Id suggest you go into a hairdressers, tell them what happened and see if there's anything they can do to fix it or make it a little bit better. They're your only hope really. Try it, or else wait til it starts to fade with washing!!
bawling Posts: 57
A hairdresser told me before to put head and shoulders in my hair and scrub. Apparently it strips out the colour. Maybe check with your hairdresser and see what they think.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Oh you poor thing!! :lvs Wash your hair oooodles of times. I've heard that before too about the Head & Shoulders, that it's meant to strip your hair big time. You could always go back and get them to strip the colour properly from your hair but it WILL wreck you own hair.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
You poor petal. I consider my hair my best feature too so I can just imagine how you feel. Get to a professional - hang the expense - and she what they can do in terms of restoring it to it's former glory
MrsH2Boct07 Posts: 274
go swimming, I was told to avoid swimming for two weeks after going darker cos it would strip the colour out.
aronan78 Posts: 289
You need to apply head and shoulders and leave it for 10mins then rinse,do this every day and the colour will be gone in no time then take yourself off to a proper salon and theyll sort you out. Honestly youll be beautiful on the day ,dont fret.