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Speckyaug Posts: 14
Hi Girls I dont post much on WOL but log on a couple of times a day and have a good read and must say i really enjoy it! Started TTC last month for the first time and am due period in the next couple of days, I think, not exactly sure how long my cycle is, havent started charting yet! Well i have just done a pregnancy test (Clear Blue) to see if any sign and am not sure of the result. It says a cross is pregnant and a line is not. Well i got a line across and half a line down. Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else. I have another test so ill try it in the morning as i think this is the best time to test? Has this ever happened to anyone else and if so were you pregnant?? Thanks for your help girls.
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Did the confirmation window line come up?
mama sugar Posts: 1387
ok that sounds good, you see you did test early so the pregnancy hormone might be low therefore only the half a cross if you can wait till the morning and test again the pregnancy hormone should be higher as the days go on, so good luck and let us know how you get on. Think ill be congratulating you tomorrow x
Speckyaug Posts: 14
Girls Thanks for your replies yesterday. Did a test this morning and i cant believe it, it was BFP, im goin to be a mammy!! Have 2 keep it quite for a while, getting married in a couple of weeks. Im so excited. Thanks again :D
grumpy Posts: 1280
CONGRATULATIONS!! Thats great news!
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
congrats, best of luck with everythin over the next 9 months. hope you have a great wedding.
bellabella Posts: 2750
a big congrats, i am so happy you got a BFP. take care :thnk
Bear Posts: 671
Thats great news, Co :thnk ngratulations
andypandy28 Posts: 553
Congrats, have you toold your hubby to be? Im sure he's is over the moon. I hope you have a brilliant wedding, try to to get stressed out, let us know how it all goes. :lol: :lol:
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
A big congratulations to you, brilliant news. All the best to you and your hubby :o)ll