Help needed from parents of children with dyspraxia please

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Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Hi there i hope im in the right forum. I have had suspissions about my 5year old son having dyspraxia for some time now. And todays i plucked up the courage to ask his teacher who also suspects it, however she thinks it is still only mild due to his young age and she said now is the best time to "catch it". I am devastated and have had a good cry for him this morning. My heart is breaking at the thought of him looking at his whole class doing something together that he just cant manage. Intellectually he is advanced beyond his years and he can memorise something after being told it only once. His reading is excellent too. However he is very clumsy. He looses concentration if not being thought on a one to one basis. And i feel his colouring skills are very young for his age. I was looking for some advice really please. What do i do now? how do i start the ball rollin? is this something he might grow out of if i do all the excercises and stuff? or is this something that will affect him for the rest of his life? I am willing to do absolutely anything and everything to help him. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.
trouble2 Posts: 224
Just sent you a pm Mrs Catlast.. let me know if you didnt receive it. x
sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
pmed u
tilsun Posts: 4506
sorry you're going through this :xox From the little bit I know, the school can, with your permission,organise an assessment by an educational psychologist. This might take some time but it's good to get the ball rolling as the teacher shares your concerns. I hate to recommend other forums but I know from experience that Special needs on here is very quiet. Have you tried on Magicmum or rollercoaster - they are more active :wv
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hi, Only saw this now & not sure if you found the advice you're looking for but there are a few things you can do. Firstly you need to get a diagnosis to know exactly what you're dealing with and if in fact your child has dyspraxia. This can either be done through your school or privately through clinics like the Sunflower Clinic in Cork (sorry but I don't have any recommendations for any outside of Cork as this is where I'd deal with.) At home there's lots you can do to help your son. Activities like threading and playing with playdough can be great for developing motor skills. There's a type of playdough-like material called "Theraputty" that's great for building muscle strength but this is something the school could probably look into. If you get a diagnosis of dyspraxia it will mean your son will have access to resource hours where his coordination and motor skills will be developed. As he gets older if he has difficulty with organisation, doing things like colour-coding his books might help make school life a bit easier for him. The main thing though (and I know it's easier said than done) is to just keep calm and be pro-active about it rather than reactive. It might seem like it now but it's not the end of the world and it's quite a common problem with children and there is quite a lot that can be done to help. Feel free to pm me if you want any further info. Your son's teacher should be able to point you in the right direction though. Best of luck with things :thnk
yummymumm Posts: 824
Hi Mrs C - I remember you from the TTC board a few years back, prob on your 2 yr old. My ds is currently going through assessment for this, and possible dyspraxia. I too was upset when I spoke to hs senior infants teacher last year and she confirmed was ok me thinking there might be something wrong but someone else saying yes I think you are right isnt nice. I didnt know where to turn, he was put on the NEPS waiting list in the school, and there is no sign of him being assessed any time soon. All last year I tired a few different places to try and get him assessed and was about to go down the very expensive private route when my nieces mother put me intouch with a contact in the HSE, my niece is autistic and had been through similar assessments so she asked this guys advice on my ds during her meeting with him, and he suggested I try the assessment of need route, which basically any child under the age of 5 in 2007 is entitled to apply for this. My ds is now 7 and was under 5 in 2007 so he was included in this - as is your son. Anyway, I filled in a form he sent me and posted it back along with any school reports any other doctors reports I had or contact details of any other service he had had, eg speech therapy. and basically they have like a service agreement, from when they recieve your application form that once they dem him suitable for assessment, he will be seen within 3 months I think and the assessment and recomendations should be complete within 6 months I think - the times could be wrong but its not too bad. My ds has seen an occupational therapist who said he had some of the signs of dyspraxia but she didnt think he had it, then a pedeatrician saw him and said she thinks he does, and prob dyslexia too, so has recomended he see a physio for their assessment and also a Psychologist for their assessment. Its a relief to feel like I am finally getting somewhere for him, as he is finding school increasingly difficult, with his handwriting and reading skills that of a junior infants child. (hes in 1st class now) He is a very good, sensitive, smart and imaginative child and I dont want him to ever feel any different, I want to just make sure he has the same chances as every other child in school. pm me if you want any other details. xxx it will be ok , at least you are doing something about it, its so easy (and ive seen it done) for parents to just brush it under the carpet.
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