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retro Posts: 159
Hi Girls I am looking for a Face Painting assistant for an event on [b:2rettwz5]THIS SUNDAY[/b:2rettwz5]. [u:2rettwz5][b:2rettwz5]Requirements[/b:2rettwz5][/u:2rettwz5] Any age from 10+ Living in North Dublin pref for pick up reasons unless you can drop off No experience neccessary as I will do on the job training [u:2rettwz5][b:2rettwz5]Info[/b:2rettwz5][/u:2rettwz5] The person will get paid €25+ commission for the days work So if any of you have a son or daughter who you think might like to do this, and who is a bit arty, please pm asap!!! Thanks girls
retro Posts: 159
No takers? It will be a fun day out working for someone!