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messi Posts: 234
Hi ladies :wv Looking for ideas for boquet. BM dresses are lilac in colour. Im clueless about flowers no idea as to what would even be in season in September. Any ideas or suggestions welcome!! :thnk
Bellisima Posts: 3583
What about shades of a more vibrant purple?
LittleLily Posts: 3682
According to, you can get these flowers all year round. - Roses - Gerbera's - Germini's - Lilies - Calla Lilies (most varieties) - Lily of the Valley - Carantions (most varieties) - Chrysanths (most varieties) [img:3uxwx2fc][/img:3uxwx2fc] - Freesia's (most varieties) [img:3uxwx2fc][/img:3uxwx2fc] - Irises (most varieties) [img:3uxwx2fc][/img:3uxwx2fc] - Alstroemeria [img:3uxwx2fc][/img:3uxwx2fc] - Anthurium [img:3uxwx2fc][/img:3uxwx2fc] Is there any flowers that you really love ie. maybe a flower you associate with a grandmother or maybe the first bouquet of flowers your H2B gave you? It might be nice to work something like this into your bouquet. I found this when I was looking up the pics for the flowers above. I think its really pretty. [img:3uxwx2fc][/img:3uxwx2fc] Its got lots of the above flowers in it. (roses, freesia, calla lilies)
flor Posts: 1621
there is a picture of a bouquet on (i can't upload it here) with lilacs, purples, yellows & ivories (if you go into & hit the scroll on the right it's about the 15th bouquet over). it seems to have chamomile daisies, chrysanthemums (i think) lisianthus (the dark purple flowers), lily of the valley, lilac, hyacinths, roses & orchids, among others - if you like it your florist should recognise them for sure if you show her the picture. the lilly of the valley might not be in season in september as it's a spring flower but you could substitute it with gypsophila (baby's breath) & it'd look almost the same. also lilacs & hyacinths may also not be in season but alliums would be & would make a great substitute (they're a ball shaped flower, just enter into Google). also, dahlias are in season in august/september & come in a range of shades such as purple, yellow so they would also look great & are also a fairly large flower so it wouldn't take too many of them to create a bouquet. speaking of which, hydrangea are also in season then & 2 or 3 heads just by themselves would make a decent sized bouquet! they're really soft & romantic looking & come in pinks, blues, greens & white. asters are another purple & yellow flower in season then. gerbera daisies are also availabl & come in a range of shades from vibrant to pastel colours. the other flowers such as roses, orchids, daisies, chrysanthemums, calla lillies are in season pretty much all year 'round. you can google any of these & it'll throw up loads of pics (that's how i familiarised myself). a good approach if you don't want to go into finding out all about flower names is to just find pics showing a 'look' that you like. the florist can then work on that & substitute with similar flowers according to your budget (e.g. carnations can look like roses but are a lot cheaper) & what's in season . HTH!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
[quote="prettyglam":1g7a97xc]there is a picture of a bouquet on (i can't upload it here) with lilacs, purples, yellows & ivories (if you go into & hit the scroll on the right it's about the 15th bouquet over).[/quote:1g7a97xc] Theres some lovely bouquets on that site. I've been oohing and aahing over them for the past few minutes looking at them.