Hi - Just Engaged.....ne1 able to help......

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ellie58 Posts: 126
thinking of having our wedding reception in Fitzpatricks restaurant (between Dundalk and Carlingford!). It is our favourite restaurant....has anyone heard any reports or been to a wedding there....the food is amazing but I'm not sure how good it would be for our special day! We want somewhere a little bit different! Hope to get married next April if all goes well!! Any help appreciated! BTW am SO freaking out about this whole wedding thing....have been with H2B for 11 years and thought I had the whole thing planned in my head but now it is finally happening......well it's like WOW....feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Ellie x
applez Posts: 118
I'm afraid I can't help you on that one, but don't worry you'll get loads of advise here, just wanted to say congratulations!! :o)ll
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hi Ellie58, Can't help either but [i:2tm436ex][b:2tm436ex]Congratulations!!![/b:2tm436ex][/i:2tm436ex] :o)ll :o)ll
Hellsbells2007 Posts: 96
ellie58, sorry can't help either, but congrats on getting engaged! I was a long timer aswell - going out over 10 years when we got engaged! Had a quick sneak at the website and it looks really nice. Have you asked them for contacts for previous Weddings? Have a good look through all the threads by the Wollies and if you can't find what you are looking for then ask! They're the best group to help! Best of luck..... :o)ll :o)ll
Faireez Posts: 973
Congrats. Fitzpatricks food is just gorgeous. Love going there on a sunday for dinner. Have to stop now. Trying to save and all that. Good luck
Fruitcake Posts: 307
No help here either but congrats :o)ll and welcome to WOL
MsCabbage Posts: 674
Hi there, I know Fitspatrick's restaurant and it is gorgeous, the food is fabulous and always good. The only ting is there is no dancefloor or anything like thqat. It depends what type of wedding you are having but I don't think you could have dancing. Its totally up to you though - congrats as well!!
Lady loves chocolate Posts: 433
Hi Ellie Fitzpatricks is lovely, we went there for my friends hen and the food was really good quality. (Id highly recommend the duck !) Im sure they could find a spot to set up music if that was what you wanted. I really like the decor of it too, cool idea.
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
My aunty actually had her wedding der nearly 2 years ago!! It was lovely but once the dinner was over der wasnt much else to do. But that is wat my aunt wanted, she didnt want d hole big wedding day so it was perfect for her!! I have to agree, the food is great and the service but it can b a bit slow sometimes. I only live 5 minutes from it. I think its a fab place!! Ring them and ask about it!! Im getting married in June next year and my H2B's family have a 2-3 hour journey to get to the church so we are considering booking Fitzpatricks for tea and sandwiches for about 12 so people can stop off and had a bite to eat before they go to the church!! Good Luck with the planning!!
ellie58 Posts: 126
Thanks everone...was at Fitzpatricks on Sunday and talked to the sales manager there...but she is only fairly new and because of the language barrier I don't think she came across that well. That sort of put me off a little bit. We are looking for a pretty relaxed venue for about 100 people. I'm not too bothered about the afters.....we had thought about Darver Castle but it is 3500 euros to hire it alone so just out of my range I'm afraid. And thanks for all the congrats too!! You're all SO lovely... Ellie x