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benibo Posts: 18
Just freaking out here .. am only 5 weeks and have to sort out what option - wanted to do domino but not in catchment... want to go to holles st and have quinn family care cover so thought semi-private would be way to go seeing as they cover most of it - just booked in there today got Boylan but now worried as think Midwives Clinic in hospital might suit me better. Some reports good for him but I would really like as natural a birth as possible. Oh my god I can't decide, anyway know I want to go to holles st as its handy from work. Has anyone had boylan as their consultant, does he let you follow your birth plan. Has anyone heard of consultant thats good - heard of koon or female consultant in semi-private clinic? Thanks a mill for any advice x
3littlemen Posts: 999
I can't advise you on Boylan as I didn't have him but from what I've heard from others he's very good but with regards birth plans etc just to let you know you probably won't have Dr Boylan attending the birth of your baby. With semi private you get to see the same consultant each visit (provided they are available i.e their not on holidays or looking after an emergency) but if you need a consultant during the birth of your baby you'll get whoever is on duty. In order to get a specific consultant you would have to go private. Most babies once you don't require intervention are delivered by midwives regardless of being public or SP, if you’re private the consultant usually just comes in at the end if there are no problems. I found the SP appointments a bit of a let down especially on my first baby it involves hours of queuing for a 2 min assessment but having said that I had no major problems. On my first pregnancy I had a natural birth and had no problems getting the birth I wanted. I was lucky in that I had a fantastic midwife who advised me on all my options. I didn't have a birth plan but I wanted to go as natural as possible and she was great at encouraging me to stick with that when the pain got bad. On my twins I had to have a c-section as they were transverse, my consultant was Dr. Mahoney and I found her so nice but she was extremely busy and appointments were very quick. I was lucky that she also delivered my babies I would highly recommend her although she was so busy she made me feel well looked after and honestly loves her job. If I were to choose SP again I would go with her again but unless I was having twins again I would opt for the midwives clinic.
benibo Posts: 18
Sorry so long to reply back - thank you so much for all your advice - that was really helpful I lived in Japan for a while and there its supposed to be really lucky to have twins. Best of luck and thanks again x