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cabbagehead Posts: 3899
ARGH big budget rant coming up ladies >:o( >:o( >:o( OH and I sat down to finally work out our guest list and budget this weekend. We have a load of savings, which we thought would be more than enough to have a nice day - nothing too extravagant, but a decent meal, decent music in a nice place. Suffice to say MAJOR WAKE-UP CALL when we actually started looking at costs! I can't believe how restrictive venues are with their pages and pages of terms and conditions and extra costs all over the shop - oh, you want more than a dribble of sparkling wine for your guests? That'll be a tenner a head extra, thanks. A choice of main course you say? Why certainly - another tenner a head, thank youuuu! Bringing your own WINE, did you mention? From FRANCE? No no no can't be having that. Ah OK we can. But oh deary me, that'll be at least fifteen euro per bottle corkage. And the "with our compliments" stuff from the venues - a red carpet? No, I'm not winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Bride, you can keep that. A cake stand and a knife for cutting the cake we're not planning on having? Gee thanks! A HELICOPTER LANDING PAD? With your compliments?? Do I LOOK like I have a helicopter stashed somewhere about my person? No. Seriously thinking of booking a venue for a "Family Birthday" ;o) and seeing what the charges are...
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Ahh Cabbage- welcome to the world of wedding planning!! Are you having your day in Ireland or France? There are bargains to be had and remember that the prices given on the websites can sometimes be haggled down when you meet in person so don’t lose hope altogether. What places have you got in mind??
Jawl Posts: 8881
What have you got in mind??? There are great deals to be had, now is the time to be getting married. But I do agree, once the word wedding is added, the price escalates.
buddylove Posts: 3288
AH cabbagehead..... Welcome to the real madness of WOL... You had it far too easy up until now! :o0 It is mental though.. There are deals out there but there are still some suppliers that dont realise we are all broke!!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Haggle, haggle, haggle! Bear in mind that the guff in the T&Cs on the websites can usually be disregarded when you ask about it i.e. minimum numbers, bar extension fees, corkage. We got evening food included in our overall package despite a comprehensive pricelist appearing on the website, same for bar extension fee, chair covers, choice of main meal, wine with dinner etc. Don't go just by what you read on websites, talk to the hotel wedding co-ordinators and chance your arm asking for stuff.
Shooting Star Posts: 83
Absolutely haggle with everything don't settle for their "best price" they will relent and give you something the hotels need weddings at the moment! We got evening food, bar extension, corkage reduced, rooms for parents & reduced price for choice of dinner most of that was got in the few weeks leading up to the wedding because I sent an email stating that although we were mad about the hotel we could save serious money by going elsewhere, feck it if you don't ask you won't get! I found communication through emails was more effective for me because I 'd turn to jelly asking straight out! Best of luck but definitely haggle haggle haggle O-O
ConfettiBetti Posts: 126
I know! My venue is offering a helicopter landing pad with their compliments! I thought "you can keep your helicopter landing pad and I'll have the evening food for free!" Honestly, it doesn't stop there though...my big rant is the E100 for the hair and makeup TRIAL for the bride but only E50 for the bridesmaids...seriously! Does she only do half the bridesmaids hair and face - makes no sense! Anything I can do DIY, I will!
scrunch Posts: 450
Hi Cabbagehead, As the other girls have said don't go by the qouted prices, a bit Oirish I know but oh so true !! What time of year are you getting married ? I used be a hotel wedding co-ordinator so would be happy to give you advice on anything you need. Am in the middle of planning my own wedding and trust me hotels are HUNGRY for business :hyper: I will give you a few key phrases and tactics for dealing with these guys !! I remember when I was doing the weddingas etc we could literally name our price and use the T&C's to lay down the law - not the case any more ... Feel free to PM me if you like ...
curlysu Posts: 811
[quote="cabbagehead":1nz8di66]Bringing your own WINE, did you mention? From FRANCE? No no no can't be having that. Ah OK we can. But oh deary me, that'll be at least fifteen euro per bottle corkage.[/quote:1nz8di66] OOOh I heard this one as well...the whole "we're doing you a favour by allowing you to bring in your own drink, but we really don't want to deal with it, so we'll make it ridiculously expensive". That said, I did find a venue (the one we booked in the end) that did reduce their corkage a good bit...so its worth haggling on that one !
moanna Posts: 1081
welcome to the world of wedding palnning. I used to laugh at people who said their weddinsg cost 20K and I would be there going no way on this earth would I spent 20K on one day I have had to eat my words. We are now at 22K :-8 What bugs me is I dont think I have gone overboard. I did spurge on dress & Photographer (4K for both) but no favours, friend doing flowers, cup cakes, no mass booklets, Where am I going wrong. That doesnt even include a HM :action34